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You’d think in the midst of mass shootings overseas and gun-related crime that Australians wouldn’t be contributing to the problem but unfortunately, we are.

It’s been reported that there’s been a massive rise in the number of registered guns in NSW, with a spike in gun ownership within Sydney’s CBD.

The latest figures show there are now more than 850,000 firearms in private hands in the state, which means there is one gun for every nine people – an almost 40 per cent rise since 2001.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge told ABC he was so concerned about the surge that his party is going to introduce legislation that will limit the number of firearms people can register.

“When you live in metropolitan parts of the state, we need a reasonable cap on the number of guns,” he said.

“Why should anyone have more than two or three or at most five guns if they live in the middle of metropolitan Sydney?

“That’s what politicians are refusing to grasp, that most people want a cap on the number of guns that their neighbours can own”.

Registered guns outnumber people in 22 of NSW’s 600 postcodes, a fact that is highly concerning.

In 22 of the state’s 600 postcodes, registered guns now outnumber people.

“The sheer number of guns in fairly ordinary metropolitan parts of Sydney really shocks people,” Mr Shoebridge said.

He said that both major parties are scared of the gun lobby and refuse to make amendments to John Howard’s firearm laws, but that’s what we need now.

“They were good laws when they were passed but there is loophole after loophole being found in them and we need to be closing those loopholes”.

He said community safety is paramount and people want to feel safe from gun crime and illegal use.

But gun enthusiasts aren’t happy, with Kym McEwen, the secretary of the central coast branch of the Shooters and Fishers Party and secretary of the NSW Sporting and Recreation Club saying, “It’s not all rednecks [using guns]. You’ve got doctors, you’ve got nurses, you’ve got barristers. It’s across the board”. But is that an excuse?


Tell us, should it be illegal for someone to carry multiple guns? Do you feel safe from gun crime?


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  1. I don’t think there is a place in our society for guns, if this is true then why isn’t something being done to prevent the sale of them. It’s a worry a real worry.

  2. Iam anti guns, I don’t want to shoot anyone or anything so I don’t need a gun, but farmers needs them for pests

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    • just because you don’t like guns, I enjoy the shooting sport of target shooting, so people like you and t daley and many others would like to take away my sport and relaxation.

  3. Chance of getting shot today between zero and zilch , chance of getting mauled or killed by a car very high .Bring car ownership law’s to mirror gun laws and really save lives or is death on the road ok

  4. I thought it was illegal to carry a fire arm?

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    • It is Catherine for us non criminals but the crims smuggle them into Australia and make then now themselves on those 3D duplicating machines. The need to give tougher sentences

    • You’re right there Leanna, this 3D printing has opened up a Pandoras Box! How the heck can that be policed! Very scary! As for sentences,well they are just laughable! Something has to be done,as some of our suburbs in Sydney have become “no go” areas with their drive by shootings!

    • You are wrong. I have a 3d printer and if I was to print out a gun I wouldnt fire it. It would likely blow up in my face first

    • I am going off what they are telling us on the news

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      • 3d printers are not there yet, so far as reliable arms is concerned. The down side is they are not needed. Criminals are making guns out of steel in sheds. It is already illegal to manufacture firearms in this way, more laws are not needed more policing of criminals is needed

  5. Gun ownership is not a problem. Illegal gun ownership is.

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    • Please Dino, criminals owning legal firearms? Any one with a criminal record are not legally aloud to own firearms. If they owned legal firearms the minute that they used them to commit a crime they would be arrested as ballistics would prove who they were, that’s why they need to be registered or are you saying that the people that have jumped through hoops to get a license and stay legal are the criminals?

    • Unfortunately there are more people out there that think like Dino. Very miss informed. And that is a Sensationalist Journalism problem caused by being allowed to spread un researched bulldust propaganda. This is happening now in Newcastle.

  6. I am not into guns either, guns kill, that is what they are designed to do

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    • Der David, knives kill also, and so do cars, trucks, motorbikes and hands!! Do you agree with abortion? That is murder also!

    • Durr Terry if your an honest person why do you need a gun ? ONLY farmers Police and our Armed Services should have them, Knives have other uses, for example to cut up our food, cars and other vehicles transport us around but Gun were designed for one purpose, to kill..I have never seen anyone using a gun as a door stop !!

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      • Target shooting is a growing sport, and you do need multiple guns if you shoot a range of matches using different types of pistol from .22 .38, 9mm to .45s, My club in Queensland has over a thousand members all clean skins with no criminal records, what other sport could boast that, and our safety record is second to none unlike some of the safe sports like Rugby and A.F.L

    • Terry with the mass shootings in the U.S. how many people do you think they could kill with a knife? Not so many.

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      • Wrong R. Timms you forget those on a Japanese train station were a person walked around with a knife under their long coat and walked up to commutors stabbing them in the back and knowone could see who was doing it, iam not sure as to how many he got as it was a long time ago but think about it, it would be quite a sum. Maybe someone can remember the number of dead.

    • Terry Beauchamp, the operative word is “designed” none of the other things you mentioned are specifically designed for one thing, killing.

    • Because you aren’t doesn’t mean others don’t enjoy the extremely skilled sport of shooting. You are incredibly opinionated and ignorant. Licensed gun owners aren’t the ones who use them to kill people. We have the most stringent laws in the world for gun ownership. If you stop guns being sold you would denying 100s of thousands of sport men and women in our country, but not mass shootings! Let’s ban cars as well! or would that not be appropriate for you!

    • How many people in Australia are killed/murdered by guns? how many are killed/murdered by one punches, knives, strangulation, bashings(domestic violence), axe, shovels and ropes etc?
      And if we have all our guns taken from us, then the Police should not have guns either, otherwise it becomes one sided and dangerous and ripe for Marshall Law.
      That’s why American people hold tight to their second amendment-
      The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
      The founding fathers understood that keeping a country FREE required it’s people to be able to protect themselves against the corruption of evil bankers, corporations and the power hungry elites who will one day rule the world.
      We are almost there, only people have not woken up yet.

    • Marie Gammon if you turn on the news you will find a man has been shot in the leg today in the Hunter Valley.. you will have to excuse me for NOT finding this acceptable and we never want to be like the USA and Karen Preston practice what you preach, we are all entitled to an opinion but you seem very pushy with yours..don’t bother telling me I am not interested 🙂

    • Marie Gammon not many more people are killed by knives every year and in car accidents in Australia than are by guns and most of the gun killings are done by police.

    • for heavens sake people grow up David is as entitled to his opinion as anyone else there, if you disagree start your own post

  7. only professional shooters should have them, no one NEEDS a gun…seriously…can you imagin neighbours killing each other over trivial shit…I can see it happening, and thats what I am afraid of, if we pass laws to legalise hand guns for everybody…..the police have a big enough job now to keep law and order in this great country of ours, dont make it harder.

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