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Australia Post are coming under scrutiny after announcing that their prices would be increasing from 2 March 2015. They are citing an increase in delivery costs and the declining postal letter delivery industry for the rise.

While the standard letter delivery price will remain at $0.70, changes differ across the different services as follows;

  • Prepaid 5kg parcel will increase between 30 and 55 cents
  • Customers who use their own packaging instead of prepaid will be charged from 25 cents to 45 cents more
  • Local country parcel service will increase by 9.6%
  • Mail redirection fees will increase by 6%
  • Post office box leases for new customers and existing customers will increase by an average of 8% from April 1

Australia Post has been under increasing financial difficulty after profits decreased by 34.5% in the last financial year and this is what allegedly is driving the cost increase.

Tell us, is using the post becoming too expensive for you? Do you email, text and phone call more than use physical letter delivery? Tell us about your communication habits below… 


If you’d like to find out more, head to the Australia Post website by clicking here.

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  1. Nothing every comes down and no I am not a big user but I suppose this will affect people who buy online or send gifts

  2. This certainly makes my blood boil!!!!!!The service to the U.K and America is woeful, snail mail doesnt even come close! Three weeks to get birthday card to U.K, I ask you?

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  3. We still use snail mail for greeting cards and I still like to send friends a hand written letter. I don’t think we use the postal service any more or any less than we did before. Mind you I did think twice about sending a small package airmail to the UK last week when I discovered it would cost in excess of $18.00.

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    • I had the same shock, just short of $20.00, mailing a small parcel to UK. Since then I’ve gone online and sent gifts from shops in UK, cheaper and delivery is much faster.

  4. The PO staff just got a new uniform, is the price hike to do with paying for that? Last week it cost me $38 to send a 0,8kg parcel to Canada, that included the envelop & registered as many parcels I’ve sent there have not arrived! Disgraceful service. I shall be sending one more parcel before the price rise & then no more!

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    • While I agree the price to post overseas is quite high, i don’t have a problem with Australia Post delivery. Has anyone considered that Australia Post is only responsible until the parcels leave our shores, it is up to the postal services in the recievers country after that.

    • Exactly jan we are not responsible once it leaves our country . As for the uniform,we have had this one for a couple of years and has nothing to do with the price increase……

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      • Yeah Right!! Would also be nice if they could actually deliver the posted item to the correct address instead of the wrong street, wrong number, wrong suburb. I am sure everyone knows the story. Amazing how many letters sent by Government Departments never arrive. At least we won’t have to order a replacement Rego sticker anymore. I just hope we get the account so we know when to pay the Rego. No label to look at and a good chance for the Postie to toss a few in the rubbish.

  5. not being used raise prices or close down that is the real world ..time we understood simple business maths…..

  6. I think the cost of parcels is ridiculously high. I think Aust Post is taking advantage of the Internet sales boom. If they made it cheaper, people would use it more. Couriers will end up being cheaper.

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