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In the last month my eyes have been opened to a phenomenon happening around me that I’ve too been a part of. I’ve heard countless news stories and countless real life, personal stories and they’ve all had one central theme: the bad.

I’ve just realised that as a society, we don’t look for the good; in fact we don’t even see the good! We just look for the bad. For years the media has used negative news to drive circulation figures and their own success playing on our human vulnerability to care. But now we’re starting to see that it’s not just a manipulation technique – it’s become our behaviour.

A few weeks ago the National Rugby League changed their referee jerseys from a fluorescent pink to a colour that was at that point undecided. They cited scientific research suggesting that pink was not a colour displaying authority and player behaviour changed to be more submissive when referees were wearing blue or red. A fair call, one that will calm down some sporting hot heads I thought. Yet a neighbour stood there and had a rant that this was actually a homophobic move. It was in their eyes because pink means homosexual and the NRL didn’t want to promote this.

There was nothing to evidence this, yet that’s all she could see.

I also head a friend telling us about the process she went through when securing the deed titles to her house (after a very long mortgage) and the bank didn’t send a form to her. She was outraged, yet she chose not to share the part where the bank gave her a personal gift and a hand written card by her banker saying congratulations until we probed her for it.

In the paper we see countless stories about politicians on both sides of the fence that have been taken out of context and connected to the most ridiculous negative connotations.

So why are we so quick to look for the bad news and share the bad stories? I think that as a society, we need to bring back the good.

Leave the dirty ins and outs of politics for the politicians. Take people and statements on face value. Stop whinging about our own problems and start sharing our own successes or moments of happiness!

If I could, I would start a system where each day, everyone has to share one positive thing about their lives or news they’ve read on their Facebook page or on the Starts at 60 Facebook wall. I’d like to see us, Australian over 60s – some of the most interesting people of all generations – to start this movement.

If we each start posting positive news and positive stories, I believe that we can change things completely. So let’s go Starts at 60 – it’s time to change!

Do you feel like we’re too quick to look for the negative? Do you think we need to look for the positive news and share the happy stories again?

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  1. Now this is a really good article And sadly it us very true of our country today.When I was a classroom teacher every few weeks we played a game whereby the kids had to draw three names out if a hat and write 3 positive things about each person….. Believe me sometimes it was hard but it did work in several ways and all positive. We also had a policy of No Putdowns. Constructive criticism was okay as everyone has to learn how to take criticism in their life but they also need to know how to give it in a positive way.

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    • What a good idea you had and I sure the children were all the better for it! They would have learnt respect from an early age. Sadly today some kids miss out on good parenting. One has to read some articles from the over 60’s and their disrespectful ways they write and the name calling and I have to shudder at what was taught in their homes. I sometimes think I am reading things that teenagers would write.

  2. So true! In conversations where negativity creeps in, I try to always steer it back to the more positive,but my goodness sometimes people like to stay stuck and it’s hard to offer a brighter side and feel like you are fighting a battle!

  3. Excellent. I agree with the writer whole heartedly. Positivity lifts you up, negativity pulls you down.

  4. The only way for criticism be directed at someone, is for criticism be expressed for the behaviour and not the person. In other words, it shouldn’t get personal!

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    • I wholeheartedly agree that because it’s in your line of vision, it doesn’t mean it’s aimed at you personally. People do tend to take things personally, and I am pretty sure that unless it is said to your face, and it’s all about you, then it’s not personal at all. Stand back and see the big picture, release the ego, and listen.
      Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up, hear good news, feel happy, and share that happiness.
      It’s a shame that some people want to discuss negative events, some people want to hear about them, and then some people tell everybody how to fix it.
      Focus on the good, have empathy for other people, and see how much attention you’ll get… unfortunately very little.

  5. I am sick of the negativity of the election campaigns, miss information and poorly quoted facts. I thought reporters were meant to give an unbiased opinion and report on the facts. So, I totally agree let’s get on with enjoying the good in what we have.

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  6. One big thing I have noticed and no doubt we are all guilty of it is Foot In Mouth disease and for the people that don’t know,it means talk/speak before you think

  7. Yes you are so right. After I returned from living overseas and began working in Australia, I noticed just how terrible we are at blaming (they all do … They all are…. Whoever ‘they all’ might be.) in such a magnificent country with so many joys and priveleges, we should be ashamed of ourselves!

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    • I can relate to that Denise after living in Paris for almost 7 years…everything is as you say plus more, drivers are so aggressive and intimidating, it’s a disgrace. And they talk about the French?…that’ll be the day! Agree with you wholeheartedly.

  8. Drama sells news, doesn’t matter what news outlet it is they want to sell what they are saying, I have always said Australia has to little bad news !! We don’t have the mass shooting’s that America has or the wars that some countries have, so they spice it up a little.The Press also tries to manipulate us, Murdoch went on a big campaign against Labor in the last election . The Liberal Party that every hates is the result.

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    • Libbi I don`t hate the Liberal party. And you could hold a gun to head and I still wouldn`t vote Labor. To blame them for the negative news is silly. Turn off your tv and turn on the radio and listen to music, now that is positive.

    • Debbie your own life and never tell me what to do..I don’t even know your or want to know you

  9. Good article, unfortunately good news doesn’t sell. It would be good for the media to have one good news section in all news bulletins and current affairs. I love volunteering at Hope Cafe, a drop in centre for refugees. Despite their precarious situations they are always positive about this country and anything we do especially the English lessons we run. I have made many new friends amongst them. It has opened my mind to how privileged we are in this country and we should be more positive.

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