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Watching TV last night, an ad flashed up for The Verdict, hosted by Karl Stefanovic and starring Mark Latham, but what caught my eye was the phrase ‘Australia’s most informed minds’, followed by a list of guests.

The new show, which has branded itself as a controversial, less-refined Q&A, is set to tackle the big topics with its guests.

Set to premiere tomorrow night, the hour-long weekly show will have seven panellists, including former Labor leader Mark Latham, who will be a regular, as well as Jacqui Lambie, former AFL player Campbell Brown, criminal psychologist Sandy Rea, Mamamia editor-in-chief Jamila Rizvi, writer and deputy director of The Sydney Institute Anne Henderson, and Dr Anne Aly, political scholar, academic and counterterrorism expert, reports News Corp.

Episode one, according to the latest promo, will discuss subjects like whether sports stars guilty of a crime should be allowed back on the field, and teenager radicalisation.

The program’s executive producer, Phil Goyen has high hopes for the show, tell News Corp, “With social media driving so many issues, and with today’s ever shorter news cycle, The Verdict will be the place for panellists and viewers to really explore big news stories and important issues beyond 140 characters”.

So we want to know today, what do you think of the panellists who will star on the first episode? Could we do better? 

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  1. I won’t be watching it, it is a Q&A clone and it will never be as good as the original

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    • Q&A is totally socialist and is manipulative, sanctimonious, brainwashing garbage, and this show will probably just as bad. It certainly can’t be worse.

    • I like Q&A Marie for me it is all about entertainment but I won’t be watching that other show and plus the ABC has no adds and commercial tv is flooded with them

    • Marie Gammon, I don’t believe Q & A is manipulative! If you want/wish to be manipulated isn’t that a personal choice?

    • Oh Marie Gammon, so all the people that take part in Q&A are manipulative, sanctimonious, socialists full of garbage. What an idiot you are. I doubt that you have ever even watched it.

  2. I rarely watch anything on commercial TV. I can’t imagine it being as good as Q&A it is the audience participation that creates a level of unpredictability on Q&A. Many of those same panelists have been on Q&A

  3. I would never watch anything with Jacqui Lambie, Mark Latham and Karl Stefanovic, indivually, much less in combination. Three of the worst attention seeking, self centered people you could find. Sorry, wouldn’t waste my time!

  4. If they are Australia’s most informed minds, then its no wonder we’re in strife…..pullease….no way I’ll be watching

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