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Apple has bucked the trend towards “larger” screens and bigger hand-held devices. Instead, the newest iPhones and iPad unveiled today return to a traditional 4-inch size.

CEO Tim Cook revealed the new iPhone SE as “the most powerful 4-inch phone ever”. It has double the processing speeds of an iPhone 5s, without the extra bulk.

The iPhone SE also boats a 12-megapixel camera, complete with a flash that claims to capture “true” colour tones. It can also cinema-quality videos.

It will retail for around $679 AUD, and be available in grey, silver, gold and rose gold from Thursday 31st March.

Meanwhile, the latest iPad Pro has also downsized back to its original 9.7-inch form. Apple claims the iPad Pro could be the ultimate computer replacement.

“The majority of people coming to an iPad Pro are coming from Windows”, Apple vice-president Phil Schiller told tech fans in California.

The iPad Pro comes with an optional keyboard that allows the device to work like a laptop. It also has an iPad Pencil, for digital drawing and note-taking.

It will retail from $899, with preorders starting this Thursday 24th March. Apple has also unveiled its latest smartwatch, which now comes with colourful changeable bands.

Not everyone is impressed by the tech giant’s latest unveiling though. “This stuff has been available on Samsung phones for over a year now”, one man claimed online.

Whilst another added, “Looking at the overview of the new features of the iPhone SE it doesn’t seem all that ground-breaking”.

Are you impressed by Apple’s latest offering? Do you think iPhones and iPads live up to the hype?

Apple introduced a shrunken down 4-inch iPhone on Monday, a device the company touted as packing the punch of the iPhone 6 with dimensions more like the smaller iPhone 5.

Posted by NBC News on Monday, March 21, 2016

iPad Pro now in two sizes starting at just £499.99 with support for Apple Pencil and a wide range of accessories. “…

Posted by Simon Bangs on Monday, March 21, 2016

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