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Anthony Mundine caused a stir this week when he called on all players to boycott the national anthem at this year’s AFL Grand Final.

In a post on his Facebook page, he said the boycott would change “Australia’s ignorant mentality” about Indigenous people and racism.

The idea was sparked by football players in America who have started kneeling during the anthem to protest police treatment of black people in the country, which has come to a head in recent months.

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However, what works in one country doesn’t necessarily work in another!

Mundine was quickly slammed prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and Sydney Swans player Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin who is Indigenous and playing in the final today.

Despite all the backlash, Mundine’s moment of truth came today when the national anthem rang out across the footy field and unfortunately for him not a single player fell to their knees.

All players from both teams stood arm in arm as they sang the anthem in unison.

Those watching on TV at home were quick to notice and applauded the players for standing together as one.

What are your thoughts? Are you glad to see all the players stood for the anthem? Or do you agree with Anthony Mundine on this?

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  1. so glad these players showed Mundine that not all of us think like him. I was affronted to be called ignorant mentality by this “man”. We work very hard to show no boundaries in the school I teach at and comments like these undermine all the work we do by putting these “racist” comments forward. So sad for the indigenous people to be supposedly represented by him – there are many more deserving aboriginal people to aspire to emulate. (I am neither ignorant, racist nor of indigenous ethnicity. I respect all who honour and respect “our” country)

  2. I am glad the players stood arm in arm for the National Anthem. But it is disappointing to notice some players do not know the words of The national Anthem. Especially when it was Televised nationally and ??Overseas

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    • I think you’d find that the majority of people don’t know the words. Not saying that’s a good thing, just a reality.

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      • Don’t agree, the players mostly choose not to sing them, I don’t know why and wish they would. They do know the words though. Most people do, having been to many football finals over the recent years, everyone around always sings the National Anthem, and knows the words – of course they do.

  3. Mundine is so dumb he doesn’t even know what the word ‘fair’ means, in the context of words, ‘Advance Australia Fair’!

    Go suck on a lemon mundane, as nobody’s interested in your divisive call, & that’s now been PROVEN!


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    • Exactly. He claims ‘fair’ means white people. Get your facts straight Anthony.

    • Actually I object to the wording ‘We’ve boundless plains to share’ when in fact we don’t. We’ve limited water resources and a very depleted top soil. We don’t welcome refugees despite having signed the agreement with the United Nations to do so. Instead we lock them up in hideous circumstances off shore. Put your own connotation on the word ‘fair’ Since a friend working with indigenous youth alerted me several years ago to their widespread hatred of the national anthem and the reasons why, I am very understanding of Tony Mundine’s position. At least the dialog has begun and more white Australians need to discuss it, not close it off.

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      • Why do us white people need to discuss it more ??? The Racism is from the Black side not the White….for the love of God GET OVER IT !!! WE’RE ONE LAND ONE PEOPLE NO MATTER YOUR COLOUR !!! GET IT YET ???

  4. Comments made by Mundine actually insult all non indigenous people who like me are extremely proud of their people who are footballers, Rangers, teachers etc He looks like a fool now and hope he has learnt something from those nasty comments .Maybe an apology is forthcoming ??

  5. Comments made by Mundine actually insult all non indigenous people who like me are extremely proud of their people who are footballers, Rangers, teachers etc He looks like a fool now and hope he has learnt something from those nasty comments .Maybe an apology is forthcoming ??

  6. Why even think about giving this drop kick any air time. Been whacked around the head too many times !!

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  8. I was rapt to see the players united & stand for the anthem as after all we are one I just people like Mundine would stop this negative palaver & stop drawing a line between indigenous & non indigenous Australians, we are Australian all of us

  9. Anthony Mundine was a great athlete but was not a good sportsman and does’nt play well with others that why boxing suited him one on one.

  10. I thinkbwevarebgiving this individual to much coverage. If we ignore the racist yes the racist he may fade away into oblivion we he belongs.

  11. Anthony Mundine is happy to have his hand out for all Australia’s benefits, but offers Australia NO RESPECT!

    Awful example to young people who need good role models!

  12. Never mind Anthony; your ego still loves you.

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