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By now most of you have already heard the news that there has been another air tragedy – an Airbus A320 has crashed in the French Alps overnight, killing all 150 on board.

The Germanwings flight was flying from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany when disaster struck 30 minutes into the flight, and one minute after reaching altitude. It is not yet known why this horrifying crash has happened but the black box has been reported by SMH to have been found.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls read a statement to his parliament that said, “A helicopter managed to land (by the crash site) and has confirmed that unfortunately there were no survivors”. It is reported that there were many children on board but none have yet been named.

This tragedy comes after a disastrous few years for the aviation industry – beginning with the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared without a trace on March 8, 2014. Then, on July 17, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine by pro-Russian insurgents. And, just after Christmas, on the 28th of December, AirAsia flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea during its flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. There were many more incidents in between as well.

It begs the question, what is happening in our skies? IS it the planes? Is it the pilots? Is it bad luck? Many are wondering what’s been going on and why this keeps happening. Do we need more answers?

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  1. I feel so sorry for the families of these people,I hope the crash was over very quickly and they knew nothing about it. With all the plane crashes and disappearances of late I would be dubious about flying at this time

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  2. Tragic as this is, anyone who is afraid of flying on an airplane but isn’t worried about driving every day should check the facts. Statistically, 1 out of every 5,862 people will die in aviation-related accidents while 1 in every 272 people will die in an automobile accident. It’s still safer to travel on an aircraft than it is to drive a car.

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    • That’s not really a comparison….. Amount of planes in the air to amount of cars on roads…. Point is a lot of planes crashing of late there’s a reason why ….we want to know it

    • Has anyone looked at the amount of planes at any one time flying around the world. Mind blowing.1 takes off at Heathrow I think about every 30 to 60 seconds . That’s just one airport. We take a chance stepping off the kerb now with the amount of traffic. As sad as it is.,and deepest sympathy to the families who have lost people on plane crashes. Still safe to fly.

    • Dianne, the statistics are based on the number of people carried per aircraft compared to the numbers carried per car. Yes there are more cars but the people numbers for each mode of transport are similar. Perhaps a closer look at aircraft maintenance practices might be in order?

    • Agree Terence O’Neill, I think cost cutting on maintenance would be a large factor albeit one that the airline would deny

    • I hate heights so to face that I took flying lessons. I learned that the most dangerous part of flying is the drive to the airport. At any given time there are many thousands of people travelling by air and planes do not just fall out of the sky. There could be many reasons for these tragedies and at least they have the black box so will be able to investigate fully.

    • Spot on Terence. Driving a car we take for granted. Statistically it is the most dangerous thing we do yet the number of cars on the road increases daily. No one asks if we are afraid of driving but to be asked if we are afraid of flying is common.

  3. Considering the huge number of flights going on every single day a minuscule percentage crash. You only have to spend time at a busy airport and multiply that amount of traffic by all the big airports, add in all the small ones to understand how safe air travel is. Unfortunately though when the big airliners crash the loss of life can be considerable and the tragedy felt by so many.

  4. While I have sometimes thought that some of the planes being used are simply getting old and perhaps should all be replaced, I believe the simplest explanation is probably that more and more people are flying more often which increases the likelyhood of accidental events. Non the less this is another tragedy for many families and I feel very sad for them in their loss.

  5. If you think planes “keep falling out of the sky”, you should check out ‘’ where you’ll see just how many aircraft there are, all over the world, flying at any one time. This app gives you a ‘live’ picture, exactly as it happens – sit watching it and you can see the planes moving. It also tells you the flight number of every plane, what model it is and where it’s going at what height. That will bring it home to you just how FEW planes crash, rather than how many!

  6. When you consider the number of planes in the sky the number is still small. This latest plane often flew several flights in a day around Europe . I still feel safer in the air than on our roads. My heart goes out to the relatives especially with so many young people on the plane .

  7. I would suggest that cost cutting such as maintenance could be the answer

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  8. So sad. I guess we hear more about this because there are more planes. Nonetheless it is so sad.

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