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Outgoing Labor Senator Nova Peris has delivered an emotional defence of her decision to quit politics after only a few years in the job.

Senator Peris announced she would not recontest her Northern Territory Senate seat earlier this week, but has faced criticism from the Coalition who accused her of abandoning her constituents.

Ms Peris chose to make the announcement on National Sorry Day and struggled to hold back tears as she stood next to Bill Shorten.

“Three years ago I walked into Parliament as the first Aboriginal woman,” Senator Peris said.

“Until you are an Indigenous person, do not criticise me for the decisions I’ve made.

“I want to make this clear. No one should judge me.”

She went on to talk about the struggles many Aboriginal people face.

“It’s not easy to wake up every morning and bounce out of bed and pretend that life is fantastic, because it isn’t.”

Her speech has already sparked debate and a flood of harsh comments online, with some people labelling her as “pathetic”.

Others though have jumped to her defence and hailed her for making great strides for Aboriginal people across Australia.

Ms Peris is expected to take up a job with the AFL as head of diversity.

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  1. For goodness sake woman get over yourself. Many of our generation have suffered just like you claim to have. You were blessed with a talent which so many of us wish we had been given. It’s not just you who think that it’s not easy to wake up every morning and bounce out of bed and pretend that life is fantastic, because for many of us it isn’t. Be grateful for your life and the world that you are able to contribute to – for the betterment of all.

  2. ‘Until you become and aboriginal person…..” What is that? I don’t have to be any “type” of person to understand or not understand anyone else’s situation. Twice we are told “don’t judge me” What is she expecting of her decision to make a statement like that?”

    I find this ‘resignation’ to be nothing but emotional clap trap and as far as advancing the plight of indigenous Australians it is a monumental fail. How disappointing.

  3. Every day we wake up is a bonus and having good health rely’ s on a lot of luck wake up Nova it has nothing to with being indigenous.

  4. here is someone who has been placed in a position where she has been continually out of her death by a prime minister who was prepared to do so purely to gain votes and browny points.

  5. For god sake you people leave the women alone.She did the best she could do.Dont sit on your backsides a knock her. If it so easy you put yourself up for her job,bet you haven’t got the guts too.Until you have walked in her shoes.

  6. until your an aborigine ??? say sorry ?? , what about the british lost children of the empire, if it wasnt for the fact that a boat load of children that left england for Australia was blown up by the Nazis my mother would have been one of the lost children Aborigines are not the only ones who have had it hard be thankful the politicians have said sorry and paid compensation which they continue to do. The lost children still remain lost. no recognition no compensation , nothing.

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