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It’s been a hard few days for Maroons captain Cameron Smith. Not only has he had to prepare for one of the most nerve-racking games of the year, but he’s been embroiled in controversy following Sunday’s 60 Minutes program.

Incredulous in it all, Cameron Smith retaliated last night at the State of Origin Decider match in Brisbane, and refused to give a half time interview to former Origin great, Darren Lockyer.

But it had nothing to do with Darren – it was a clear message to Channel Nine that he was not happy about their decision to air the program on Sunday that painted him as the villain, when it as emerged that it was quite the opposite.

For those who didn’t watch 60 Minutes last weekend, Alex McKinnon said he was angry at his captain for blaming the way he went into the tackle on why he got injured. It was alleged that Cameron Smith told the referee that McKinnon should have ducked and it wouldn’t have happened. But fans argue that Smith made comments before he knew the extent of the injuries.

60 Minutes portrayed Smith as having not said sorry to Alex and his family, and making no effort to see him. Quite the contrary in reality: Smith had raised $20,000 for his medical costs and had asked to see him several times, and was refused.

Fairfax reports Smith was contacted by 60 Minutes on Monday and offered the chance to go on the program next week but declined – Channel Nine was told Smith had planned to boycott the network.

Speaking to Brisbane’s Triple M, he said last night, “I had some mixed emotions over the last few days. I have to thank the entire team, and the staff. They have taken a lot of pressure away from ourselves.

“[It was] not the best of the times in the last few days … I want to concentrate on the victory tonight.

“I don’t think this is the right time to talk (about the controversy). I just finished a State of Origin game. In the near future I will come out and have my say”.

Queensland smashed New South Wales last night at the Origin Decider with a record 52-6 win.


Tell us, do you think it’s right that Cameron Smith declined an interview? Do you think he meant what he said about Alex McKinnon at the time of the incident or was it all a misunderstanding?

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  1. Cameron Smith had other things on his mind at half time. What does he have to apologise for?

  2. I back Cameron Smith for how he has handled this situation. Such a low act by Channel 9. Will never watch again.

  3. It is 60 minutes who should be appologising. The unedited version was nothing like what they aired to the public. As usual Mals leadership had the Qld team handle it with style.

  4. I think Cameron Smith needs to get on the phone and TALK to Alex McKinnon. Privately apologize for what he said that day (not knowing how serious the injury was). It doesn’t need to be front page headlines just footy player to footy player.

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  5. The way media people behave and twist information is disgraceful. A better human being than Cameron Smith would be hard to find. His dignified behaviour last night was a credit to him and all Queenslanders should be proud of him. I am.

    4 REPLY
    • Really ?? Shows his true character if you ask the rest of us. Doesn’t matter what his supporters think of the media , the game and his disgraceful behaviour with the umpires is indisputable . And he continued this behaviour when a player obviously in distress saying he couldn’t breath or feel his limbs , ( and blind freddy could see his arms weren’t working ) if Cameron smith had taken the time to see if he was ok he would have seen what we did.
      Alex was not blaming him nor did he bad mouth him
      , he just didn’t understand WHY this bloke didn’t see if he was ok . It did take 10 mins to get Alex off the ground. So you can make ALL the excuses you like for smith , he needs to own his attitude at the time and stop blaming the media and suggesting Alex did it to himself .( that in itself is an awful comment )
      He gets to walk away , good on him . Alex doesn’t .

    • Yes Carolyn it’s sad that Alex didn’t stay still but thrashed around, should have been more professionals around him immediately but they weren’t. They should have a mandatory vehicle at all grounds to remove a seriously injured person not a bunch of amateurs to carry an unstable stretcher but they don’t.. All the should haves, could haves were not there in Alex’s case just like they weren’t for Cam Smith at Origin last night when he suffered an illegal tackle and an opposition NSW team member chose to let go so he could drop on his head. Talk about bad sportsmanship. Many young people have tragic accidents which leave them paraplegics not just from playing a sport which they love and get well paid for but from motorbike and car accidents, jumping into the sea and hitting a sand bar, work accidents, stupidity, etc, you only need to visit the wards in hospitals in any state or territory to see the results. Not all are lucky enough to have a half million payout to help with their care. Perhaps the NRL and other codes have to think long and hard do the players need their huge salaries or should everyone who plays or is connected with the club forego an amount to go towards the betterment of specialist orthopaedic doctors on sight with a mica ambulance so there is no delay in care of seriously injured players. I did like the attitude of the young man’s father who recently died in Queensland. Rather than blame the other player he actually rang him to say he was not to blame. Must have taken great courage as he had lost his son, but his two little grandchildren had lost their father and were left with a grieving mother..

    • Cameron didn’t realise the severity of Alex’s injury. He has tried on several occasions to contact the family but has been denied. Sorry that happened to Alex but Cameron is not to blame.

  6. Who do they think they are vilify him no ask for interview on 60 minutes then the audacity to think he will speak to them Good on you Cameron & where is the apology grubby channel 9

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