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Young Aussies don’t want to work and Australia has a problematic new “workforce culture”, where young people do not want to do menial labour or they want to be paid too much money to do it. So says Sue Daubney the managing director of Gina Rinehart-backed Bannister Downs Dairy.

Ms Daubney said many young people did not want to work in agriculture, which is why the sector needed to recruit foreign workers on 457 or temporary work visas.

Daubney told the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia on Tuesday, “It is not just the cost of [labour] and the cost of managing it, which we all share in WA but the growing issues that we are getting with culture and the work ethic that is coming through and the preparedness to do what needs doing.”

She continued to tell the committee, “Sometimes in agriculture, I can tell you that’s not very attractive and that’s why we often end up with 457 visas or temporary residents because they understand the value of having a job and nothing is too much trouble as long as they get paid for it.”

Mrs Rinehart who has backed the 45 employee company, has warned for years that Australia was becoming too costly and sparked controversy several years ago when she highlighted African workers were willing to work for less than $2 a day, helping lower production costs to produce iron ore that left her worried “for this country’s future”.

Ms Daubney said there was also a “new workforce culture” that posed a problem – a lot of people refuse to do the jobs agriculture requires, such as bringing cows in for milking at 3am.  “We have normally two temporary backpackers at any one time and they will do whatever has to be done where as it is sometimes hard to get local or permanent Australians to do those jobs, not always but it is an issue,”

Do you think the problem is that young people no longer value having a job, or should we accept that young people expect a wage they can live on? Would you milk cows at 3am for minimum wage?


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  1. Like to see Gina get her hands dirty

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    • Ruth take a trip to the outback and the West coast it is full of backpackers prepared to work where Australians won’t. Gina does not need to get her hands dirty she can pay people Yes she creates JOBS for people.

    • I have lived in the outback Marilyn. Backpackers work for slave rates. Gina doesn’t create jobs . She creates massive wealth for herself & collects corporate welfare at the expense of taxpayers.

  2. Why should they work for a minimum wage? Isolated and away from family, and kids have died out there.

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    • They would at least get some self esteem and some experience of life outside the cities. In spite of what you read in the press about cheap labour I am sure most producers pay correct wages. I live in North Qld and all of the fruit work is done by backpackers and I have never heard of them being under paid. The local youths won’t work because they can get welfare so easily. We would employ backpackers energy time because most Australian young people we have tried in the last 20 years are unreliable, unkempt, badly educated and often on drugs.

    • I agree Terry Greenwood my cousin has a farm in mildura and has always used backpackers to pick and pack his crop, he also has acommadation for them as well .

    • There was an incident years ago where a couple of very young & inexperienced roustabouts died on a very isolated desert property. Unfortunately, ppl just do
      not communicate clearly on either side about conditions in the agricultural industry. Damned stupid to just drop a “city kid” into a regional/rural area & expect them to swing into action.

  3. I’d like to think our kids would just be happy to have a job, Gina can see a cheap work force, OLD COW !!

  4. Sadly many young people appear to want money but not have to do anything for it. Good work ethics is hard to find and unfortunately a lot of our younger generation don’t think they should start at the bottom and work their way up. Need some serious changes.

  5. And aren’t our farmers struggling to make a living, working long hours, and receiving little for all their work and the money they outlay.

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    • Yes and I BET Gina is paying the absolute minimum whilst she reaps in all the profits. I would NOT work for her as she thinks everyone beneath her is scum and not worth her time, just a resource

  6. What Gina actually wants is cheap slave labour, no one will work for $2 a day in this country and good parents would advise their children against doing a job where they are not paid the correct rate

  7. A lot of the young kids just don’t want to do the hard work that is needed for these jobs, Evan our farmers are finding it hard to get workers for the farms or puckers for the fruit to go to market.

  8. Isn’t it a shame so many of our young unemployed will not work in physically hard jobs for minimum wage?? We all had to start somewhere, and I’m sure many worked in jobs they didn’t really like, just to create a work history. Believe many industries have this issue.

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