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Retail chains in Australia have long been a favourite of consumers: they offer good value for money and they’re everywhere. But as Target has realised, that doesn’t always equal sales, and now the retailer is scrambling to get you back in the door.

The news of Target’s revamp comes just months after it was revealed Kmart has a monopoly over the sector, with year on year growth that’s been hard to match – until now.

Target believes their new customer experiences and offering will be “very open” and transparent so you’ll know exactly what you want. But is that a t-shirt printing station, an in-store cafe or a personal shopper?

Target Australia’s General manager for store development Dean Simpson told A Current Affair that the stories also carry more “affordable fashion”, with the option of being able to get a personalised T-shirt made while you wait from $14, reports News Corp.

Meanwhile, CEO Stuart Machin acknowledges the earnings of Target have fallen 32 per cent in the two years prior to his appointment by looking to differentiate the retailer from its rivals rather than make it more like Kmart or Big W.
“We have started to really work out we can do affordable fashion, we can differentiate on quality and we want to do that even more,” Mr Machin told Fairfax Media.
“We want to be down to earth, we want to offer affordable fashion – mums are at the heart of the brand. We don’t sell fishing rods but we do well at selling $39 dresses. We won’t do everything in camping but we do brilliantly in kids wear”.
As well as the t-shirt printing and cafes, Mr Machin said Target will stock a wider range of specialty foods, do in-store alterations, and have better visual merchandising, with the first new format store to open at Chadstone in Melbourne this week. 
“Our new format is one way of showing innovation but also our new format has demonstrated we can be different in that discount department store space,” Mr Machin said.
“I’m confident people will see a difference. We lost quite a few customers 4 to 5 years ago, we are finding a few more every week coming back – if that happens and they’re happy we should have a good Christmas”.
Tell us, will the new Target stores lure you in to spend more? Do you prefer Kmart, Big W or Target?



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  1. None of those things would attract me, what I think they need is more affordable clothing aimed at an older market

  2. No their delusional, the problem has increased out of greed for profit and always will, suggesting that printing personal t shirts or serving coffee definitely wouldn’t entice me in to the store, because if I want a coffee I’m going to go to a quiet coffee shop with great coffee before Target any day.

  3. Target is my closest store of the 3. So for convenience I prefer to shop there. I am feeling quite excited about these changes. I hope they happen soon.

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    • I don’t know that our Target store is big enough for additions. I know it is getting a “makeover”. Whether that will include all the bells and whistles capital city stores get is doubtful.

  4. I’ll certainly try it. Been buying my bras there for decades. I wish Target and other clothes stores like Autograph and K Mart would realize that cotton or cotton blend are the materials to wear in the tropics. So much of what I see I know would stick to me in our hot weather. My mother told me a quarter of a century ago to test for breathability. Hold up a piece of clothing and blow through it. Can you feel the breath on your hand? If not it will be hot.

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  5. Would be nice just to have a K Mart or Big W to shop at. All we have is Target Country and they don’t have very much at all and absolutely no competition inour town.

  6. Targets ‘affordable’ is still a lot dearer than K Mart or Big W. Target have always thought they were more upmarket than the other 2 but they are still a variety store

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