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Today there is still a bias against older workers in the workforce. Many see the over 60s like a negative. They believe them to be slow, scattered or stuck in their ways. Despite all the media attention about retaining older workers, we still hear of workers in their 50s who cannot get work; the younger generation fills the positions. While governments are trying to encourage older workers to stay longer in the workforce, the reality is that if you are in that age group, you may not be hired because of your age.

Older workers bring advantages that make hiring them a win-win situation for both worker and employer, and here are just a few:

  1. Older workers are efficient.

The assumption many have is that younger workers are quicker and, therefore, more efficient. If heavy physical work is not required, a baby boomer will have the advantage. Baby boomers grew up in the 60s, and many were open to take on board new teachings. They continue to be interested in continuing to learn. Also, they have years of accumulated experience and knowledge which makes them very valuable to employers. They are also more stable in their personal relationships and are less prone to get involved in drugs and alcohol.


  1. Over 60s are more loyal and committed.

The young workers of today change jobs like they do clothing. We have seen this in our businesses. Loyalty is not as high in value with the younger generation. The baby boomers of today grew up when working for the same company for many years, if not life, was the norm. One of the things costing employers money is having to re-hire and re-train new workers. Imagine having to hire and train three workers over a five-year period as opposed to retaining a senior worker who is knowledgeable in his or her position.


  1. Older workers do not want to retire.

Contrary to popular belief many seniors would love to continue working into retirement age. This is particularly true if they are in a job that is inspiring. Some want to continue working full time while others would like to transition to part-time. This gives the employer time to bring in another employee whom the senior can assist with the training.

The government pushing for an age-70 retirement age is a good thing. It allows the senior to work an extra five years which allows them to save more as well as having a sense of fulfillment by assisting their employer.

If you are over 60 and healthy, willing to learn and want to keep building your nest egg, there is no reason not to continue working. If you are an employer, appreciate your senior worker; they are an asset to you.


Do you agree? Do you think older workers are best?

Dr Ely Lazar and Dr Adele Thomas

  1. Jay weatheral will not give you a job. All money labels are thrown into CBD to cover his blowouts.

  2. The biggest reason for not employing is we are not respected like the older generation used to be
    We are treated like we are incompetent
    Employers are worried also about sick days Many of us over 60 would struggle working full time I know I would living alone coping alone
    Attitudes need to change by the younger generation quite frankly I feel it has got extremely worse

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    • I retired from full time work at 70 and now, two years later, am happily working 3 days a week for the same employers. I’ve found no evidence of not being respected and get on really well with the younger employees, several of whom chat to me about their boyfriends, love life etc etc. Any employer who does employ older staff will soon see who take the most sick leave (NOT the oldies!). One of the biggest drawbacks from employing older staff is the risk of injury at work and workers compensation. Add to that the fact that some of us oldies don’t relate that well to the younger generation and you have a couple more reasons why it’s so difficult.

    • Well all I can say is you work in a older worker friendly place and you are Lucky as they are NOT all like that unfortunately
      You Carnt dress up what IS out there
      I am happy you actually found a satisfying job Good Luck

    • I agree Angie but, unfortunately, no one can force these companies to change their position on older workers. It’s short-sighted in the extreme but I really don’t know what can be done to remedy it. I have a 61 year old friend who is being retrenched at the end of this month and she hasn’t been able to get even an interview for another job so far.

    • I wish Mr Hockey understood the real world I know of friends in their early 60s loose their job and be replaced with juniors as they can pay less wages Unfortunately it is the sign of the times

  3. Can someone explain just what is meant by older workers being “scattered”?

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    • My husband was in a high position and was made redundant in his early 50’s. He is now 65. We had four children and had to sell our home and downsize. He had two degrees and years of experience but that didn’t make a difference because the people who were hiring were all in their 30’s and that was a problem!

    • He is now doing two jobs but nowhere near the calibre he had. He mentors all around Sydney and is always in demand because he can relate to young people and is an asset with his valuable knowledge and experience!

  4. I’m 76 yrs old still working at Canossa Aged Care facilities and I love it. I work like young one can still lift, push and pull Residents who were bedridden You know working at Aged care was very physically and emotionally. I’m thinking of retiring but can’t afford it

  5. Of course I agree, all that experience being wasted. But try to get work when you are over 60. it’s like we are invisible!

  6. I can’t even get an interview, yet I have a science degree!
    unfortunately that was 25 yrs ago, in the interim I have raised 3 boys and now seem considered redundant
    As I am on my own now, I need a job !!!

  7. Hi & so do I but I have applied for jobes at 4 different places & I have never heard back from any of them & I also have applied for jobe’s in other places also & you are real lucky if you ever get an answer back but every now & then you get an answer back which is very nice ok .It make’s you wander if thay ever what to employ any one at all ..

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