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All aboard Turnbull’s bus, women first if you will.   Malcolm Turnbull’s new Cabinet is in, and we want to hear your thoughts.  First big call of the day came from Joe Hockey, who asked if he could be left at the bus stop please.  Rumours in the media have it that we will make an announcement within days of his departure from Parliament.

Fact is, Hockey asked to be left off the bus.  With Malcolm Turnbull being quoted as saying…

“Earlier today the honourable Joe Hockey told me that he would not be seeking a place in the new ministry and it was his intention to resign from the parliament in due course. Joe has made a long and distinguished contribution to our nation’s government and parliament over many, many years. For which I thank him. I believe he has a further contribution to make in our nation’s service.

But let’s start back at the beginning… Turnbull opened proceedings by announcing Scott Morrison in the prime role of Treasurer.  It’s a big job ahead for this man who now faces one of the toughest budget periods in recent history.

“Today I’m announcing a 21st century government and a ministry for the future.

“First cab off the rank, Scott Morrison is the new treasurer. Put up your hand if you are surprised. No? Let’s move on then.

Next he announced Maris Payne in the role of Defence, sidelining Kevin Andrews one of Abbott’s old guard.

“The first woman to be minister for defence in our nation’s history.

“There will be two women on the national security of cabinet, Julie Bishop and Mrs Payne. Senator Michaelia Cash will join the cabinet also, as minister for employment, minister for women, and minister assisting the PM for the public service. She has led the government’s policy development on women’s issues, especially in regards to our response to the scourge of domestic violence.

That’s right folks, we got a minister for women!  

“The honourable Kelly O’Dwyer MP will be appointed the minister for small business and the assistant treasurer, a position which has been elevated to cabinet.  

And as the fifth woman, Fiona Nash will be appointed Minister for Rural Health.

“Arthur Sinodinos will be appointed the cabinet secretary – a post to be introduced into Cabinet. I said a few days ago that it was critical that we restore traditional cabinet government.

“The gold standard of good Coalition cabinet government was during the Howard government and as you are aware, Arthur was at the centre of that as John Howard’s chief of staff for over a decade.

“Senator Simon Birmingham will be appointed the minister for education and training. He’s moved quickly and effectively to lead the transformation of the vocational education and training sector as assistant minister.

“The honourable Christian Porter will be appointed minister for social services. He has got a strong record of managing large budgets and making service delivery much more efficient. He will also be appointed to the expenditure review of cabinet.

“Senator Mitch Fifield will be appointed minister for communications and arts.

As more news rolls in, we can see the rumours were true… there is now to be five women in the Federal Cabinet.  A progressive move by a Prime Minister that professes the need for progress.

Your thoughts?


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. i know nothing about politics but a female for minister of defence?????

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    • Maybe she could say NO to bombing our neighbours instead of going along with the boys club.!!!

    • Why not indeed! This is the 21st century folks. No longer are the majority of women prepared to sit back and be told that we are not the right gender for the job. If you have the ability, the drive, the support and the ambition, you can achieve anything. Men can do it, so why not women?

    • WOMAN OR MAN… going to WAR… is still not a job for ONE PERSON.. especially an ILLEGAL WAR… WE DID NOT vote for this… another LIE!

    • Your damn right Carol, she must have the qualification for the job, we have amazing Women in all positions of power these days and SOME are doing a better job than the men!

    • Is that sexism Carol.? Marise has been with the Libs since 1982 and has an astute and varied portfolio to equip her for her forthcoming role. Worldwide there are other woman in strong defense based roles more than capable of doing the job.

    • Id like too see an ex experienced military person male or female in charge of defence in these worrying times

    • Carol it might surprise you to know women have been in the military for a long time now. They hold senior positions. The world has not ended. You really need to join us here in the the 21st century. And please remember, our previous minister for women was a man… one who had similar 1950’s attitudes to women as it seems you might.

    • Sorry Debbie,Merit doesn’t come anywhere near the selection.He has chosen HER to appease the likes of YOU and the other Women that think they are Better than Men.Ask your Father or Grandfather who worked alongside Men,IF Women could do the SAME Job.NOT LIKELY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good gracious, we’re in the 21st century! We have females leading the defence force in both admin, air, sea and frontline. Sadly, it’s comments such as this that allows sexism to linger. When are we going to believe in ourselves and applaud each other’s success?

    • Dennis – do you know anything at all about Marise? She has been a top line performer for a number of years. She was put there with the expectation that she would be a long time minister for the defence portfolio. Ex defence ministers from both sides have been talking up her choice.

    • Guess what Dennis, my mother and her sister actually joined the army in the Second World War , they may not have been sent over seas but they where actually willing to fight when and if needed. Don’t go giving me your male sexist views, we aren’t better than men but we damn well are as good as them for most jobs these days.

    • Dennis Nonenmachet, get your head out of the sand and maybe you will catch up with the rest of the world, you REALLY ARE OUT OF TOUCH!!!!!!

    • Robyn Green i really dont need to do anything. its my opinion and i am entitled to it. if all you say is true why do we need a minister for women[i didnt even know they existed but i did say i know nothing about politics] but no minister for men

    • Why not ? How many husbands refer to their wife as “The Minister for War and Finance” ? 😀

  2. 6 REPLY
    • Bill Hamilton Doesn’t need one. He & his wife were successful business people before he entered parliament.

    • No Centrelink for this cigar chomping moron! He’s a wealthy man and once retired will receive his due allocation of our money in the form of his retirement salary with all the perks attached…. Meanwhile….in the real world , I , as a pensioner, will continue to rely on my family to help me make ends meat! Good on ya hockey you lieing cheating good for nothing imbecile !!!

    • No Centrelink for this cigar chomping moron! He’s a wealthy man and once retired will receive his due allocation of our money in the form of his retirement salary with all the perks attached…. Meanwhile….in the real world , I , as a pensioner, will continue to rely on my family to help me make ends meat! Good on ya hockey you lieing cheating good for nothing imbecile !!!

  3. Absobloodylutely!!! Its about time. I can never inderstand how men could even think that they can handle womens issues. We need women in theae portfolios. Good on ya girls!!!!

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  4. When is any attention going to be delivered for older Australians and the role of Nursing Homes in our ageing population. . There needs to be someone responsible for updating badly needed regulations in terms of staff ratio to residents. Plus the pay rates of carers and RNs in Nursing Homes. Who is going to listen and ACT?

    16 REPLY
    • Don’t hold your breath on any of that Jenni. Most of the general population have absolutely no clue about the reality of aged care in this country.

    • I worked in nursing homes in the late 60’s, early 70’s, nothing has changed. It is not a new problem, just as so many others.

    • I disagree Helen, Aged Care has changed considerably for the better since the 70’s but the issue of pay inequality still exists. I also think that staff ratios should be considered but until the government increase the funding that will not happen.

    • That’s right Stuart, their turn will come!
      And Bronwen, why can’t the politicians be shaken up to the reality of what is needed. I’m so frustrated with nursing home profits being put before the standard of care for our elderly especially in staff ratio to residents and the pay rates of staff appropriate to their duties and skills. Action is overdue!

    • Don’t hold your breath Jenni. Money is always found for all but the aged, infirmed and those that care for them.

    • @Jenni Copley…… Whenever politicians & the Accreditation “authorities” go to aged care facilities, everything is made to look just so perfect…… Painting done, gardens appear well-tended & the “PC” staff who will say the “right” thing if asked. Anyone who might “put their foot in it” are rostered off. Oh….. I wonder why??

    • I know exactly what you’re saying Bronwen. We don’t have a voice at all. And beware if you speak up at the nursing home!

    • Perhaps they will sit up and take notice when the elderly work out that if they go to gaol the staff are far more accountable for their well being than is the case in a nursing home. I’m sure if a leg was broken or someone found with maggots writhing in their scalp there would be a tad more repercussion than a compromised certification!

  5. Not happy how can we trust someone to run our country when he has stabbed someone in the back. And I liked Joe he had a difficult job we were left in such a mess from labor

    14 REPLY
    • Hockey has blown Labor’s debt right out of the ball park. Jobs are falling, unemployment rising and of course we are now hearing whispers of the recession we are about to go into. No doubt that too will be Labor’s legacy in the opinion of those who only choose to look through one eye.

    • Yes I liked Joe too and what’s more both of them had a touch job bit the bullet to try and get us back on track only to be stabbed by this lot. Karma by heavens I hope they watch their backs.

    • That old lie persists. We were not left in a mess. Labour ran the economy well under very hard circumstances .

    • What planet are you on May Cro !, ? All the freebies and the deaths they caused with un authorised contract people doing the works heaven help us if you think like that. We were left with a bloody big hole .

    • I’m not going to argue with you Jeanette or defend myself. To be perfectly honest I am sick of trying to educate the ignorant. There’s so much information out there about how well we did through the GFC. I suggest you google it. As for the pink batts, well we’ve had a coroners inquest and a royal commission into that. Google that too. You probably won’t though.

  6. What a shambles it is now, who can you vote for I suggest vote informal, neither party is worth a vote.

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