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Writer William Arthur Ward once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. While one can usually rattle off a handful of teachers that “did me wrong” but it is with a smile and delight that we remember the good ones. The ones that pushed us to create, to think, to analyse, and to be the best us that we could be.

In a reddit discussion titled “What made your favorite teacher your favorite teacher?”, the stories range from one teacher that kicked the door open on the first day of class and yelled “Let’s do this!” to another one where the teacher made an example of a troublemaker by handcuffing them to a pipe as an NYPD officer.

So tell us: Who was your favourite school teacher and why?


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  1. Mr Gilbert – Graeme Gilbert at Kandos High School. THE most wonderful teacher. I recently went to a reunion, after 38 years and 90% of the people there thought he was the best teacher in a school of good teachers at the time. I have tried to find him over the years to thank him, but haven’t been able to. If you’re out there Mr Gilbert, Music Teacher, let me know.

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