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I have lived in the same town for 32 years – koala sightings were part of everyday life. We even lived next to what the council called a ‘Koala Corridor’; they said it would always be protected, the koalas would always be there. The council has not chopped the big trees down but they have approved development around, in between, and beside the Corridor which obviously stressed out the koalas, because they are long gone.

I was in the library yesterday and was handed a leaflet while checking my books that said, “If you see a koala, dial the hotline”. I remember when I could see them high up in the trees while hanging the washing on the clothesline, that was a long time ago; I haven’t seen one for years. Now they want me to ring a hotline if I spot one, it just pisses me off. It’s not rocket science – the council keeps interfering with their habitat approving more and more development, naturally koalas are going to keep disappearing. I remember the only time we ever rang council about koalas was if one of them had a dirty bum or dodgy eyes. The councils need to stop blaming dogs and cars for the koalas’ demise, because the one thing that brings dogs and cars is development.

Same with kangaroos – I was asked to sign a petition to stop the government from sending roo meat to China. The fact the government is even considering allowing that to happen pisses me off. I realise in some parts of Australia they are a problem, but if they start culling and sending overseas, I have no doubt before I am dead I will see flyers saying “If you see a kangaroo, dial the hotline”!

Another thing that pisses me off is live export – I don’t see any need for it– overseas countries want our meat, O.K., but kill them humanely on our soil first. Why stack them into ships where they can barely breathe? A lot die on the trips because of the sheer stress and disgusting conditions, a lot that survive the trip experience cruelty, torture and a horrific death when they get there and for what, politics? Money? I say stuff money, stuff politics. Do the right thing, we are all God’s creatures after all.

On that note, there is yet another thing that pisses me off: trying to give up plastic…that’s impossible! If I could get plastic out of my life I’d be a happy camper…But to do that I have to give up milk, yoghurt, anything that comes in a plastic jar, container, package. Why aren’t we given a choice? Every piece of plastic that was ever created is still on the planet, clogging our waterways and oceans, choking our wildlife. It does not degrade. There is no such thing as bio-degradable plastic. It just breaks up into tinier little pieces and still sits in the same place. It is a convenience product that rules our world and is potentially a bigger problem than anything else we can do to the planet.

People that ignore the existence of global warming are just one more thing that pisses me off: anyone that thinks global warming is a myth would have to have the intelligence of a carrot! Ice caps are melting, I remember when seasons were very defined, not any more, it’s getting hotter every year! I cannot remember the last time I felt I needed to wear a jacket of any description, the water temperature is changing, coral is dying; mankind will be the downfall of mankind!

Do you agree with Christine about the state of our environment? Does it piss you off as well? What can be done? Or should we leave it all be? Tell us below.

Christine Massey

I am a 61-year-old dysfunctional child of a problem mother. I tend to look at the world with the philosophy "Laugh hard, you could be dead tomorrow!"

  1. Christine I could not have put it better !! I have an elderly family member who lives in Hawkes Nest , when she moved there 20 years ago she had Koalas walking past her door to get to the next gum tree, she told me now she never see’s a koala. We devalue our native animals by sending them oversea’s, The Chinese have it right, they only lend their Pandas. as for live animal export, it makes me sick, it is cruel. I believe in Global warming , yes you can feel the temps rising but you only have to look around the world to see the destruction because of it. Thank you Christine for raising these issues

  2. I believe Global warming is real and we have taken many steps backwards with this LNP direct action, it will cost the taxpayers more and it is doubtful it will work. We led the world , now we are trailing behind and as for the other issues regarding animals..yes Christine your right

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    • I’m not sure what global warming has to do with this particular problem. We all need to pull together to help our wildlife when urban sprawl is happening, the climate isn’t involved in that. Can you come up with any ideas to help?

    • If you read the article you will see Global Warming is mentioned, I am responding the Christine’s intelligent article

  3. So what can you actually DO to help the situation? I’m hearing all the comments but need to see an actual action plan, any ideas ?

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    • We are not experts, we can see an acknowledge the issues, but it is up Governments to employ experts to deal with these problems, but stopping live animal export would be a good start and it would employ more Australian’s in abbattoir’s here

    • Rather not be defined as a “has-been, drip-under-pressure” (expert) thanks. There is ALWAYS something to learn.
      As for the environment……look around you…. THINK about your actions. Think AGAIN about what you are “told.” Just do the best that you can.

    • Instead of asking us..what are your idea’s? we all need to pull our weight on these important issues, education and some practical solution employed by the Government might be a good beginning

    • I’ve been the coordinater for Clean Up Australia for a number of years and never had more than 10 people turn up any year. You can only lead by example, you can’t make people do what you want. Leanna Stephenson what are you doing?

    • Don’t Palm it off and say the government should be doing whatever – start doing yourself and encourage people to join you.

  4. I get very sad about the lack of care for our environment. I see people carelessly throwing their rubbish out of car windows and dropping plastic containers on the ground when there is a rubbish bin only steps away. How can we make people more aware and passionate about preserving what we have?

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    • You can’t ‘make’ anyone do what you want… Parents need to make their children aware. I was the local coordinator for Clean Up Australia for five years and never had more than ten people turn up any year, so I gave up trying to recruit people and just do it myself.

  5. I hate when developers move in, cut all the trees regardless, nobody there to supervise and koalas, possums etc.

  6. Sad to say that we are taking the seven pieces of silver and putting our heads in the sand. people are more focused on that syndrome called me me me, it will alright Jack !!!

  7. All too true :(. I will be gone by the time the sh!t hits the fan big time but I despair for our poor planet.

  8. Alright then……back to paper bags for the shopping. Tick!
    No live export…. Only abattoirs on Aus soil… NO ritualised slaughter. Tick.
    Development with green corridors only & tree preservation orders throughout.Tick!
    Grow hemp….. Myriad uses & less water than cotton etc.
    Some more advertising about not being litterbugs would help, for a start. If you see someone drop something….. Call them out…..keep at it. Our generation saw lots of these things disappear & we DO know how to remedy the situation.

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