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Your horoscopes might not be lying after all. Your month of birth could have a genuine connection your future health and wellbeing.

According to a new study from Columbia University, there may be a correlation between the date in which you were born and your risk of contracting a particular disease, as outlined in the following video:


The population study of 1.7 million New York patients found certain diseases to be more common among those born on particular months. Notable trends included:

  • January – April: heart disease
  • September: asthma
  • November: ADHD, viral infection, acute bronchiolitis

Those born from May-August have the most to be happy about, with relatively few standout illnesses. October, on the other hand, has a whole slate of potential risks.

The researchers suggest that seasonal factors could be to blame. An earlier study has shown that children born in autumn, when there are more dust mites in the home, may be more prone to early causes of asthma.

But don’t blame your parents too harshly for that romantic Valentine’s Day liaison. The study measures trends on a very large-scale basis, so it may not mean much for your personal health.

According to Nicholas Tatonetti, who co-authored of the paper, “it’s important not to get overly nervous about these results because even though we found significant associations, the overall disease risk is not that great”.

But for the December children among us, who have spent our entire lives putting up with joint birthday/Christmas presents, we now have one more reason to complain.


Do you feel better or worse about your birth month?


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  1. How does this translate to Australia? The study was done in New York, northern hemisphere, differing climactic conditions, different seasons, even different living conditions regarding heating and cooling homes.

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  2. What an utter lot of superstitious crap, some people will make up all sorts of B/S just to get attention. Wake Up world.

  3. From the North or the South sounds on the same level as reading the horiscope and I never bother reading that

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