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Have you ever been  driving along in a hurry but you need to get fuel. You drive the car forward into one of the slots at the fuel station only to realise your tank fills up from the other side. Perhaps you have driven a friends or hire car and you’ve faced this problem again. There is a way to avoid this time waster.

On your dashboard where the fuel icon is, there is an arrow and this points to the side of the car where your tank is located. If you have an older model car the fuel icon may simply be located on the side closest to the door (left or right) as demonstrated below.

130116_FuelIndicationwithoutarrow 130116_FuelIndication

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  1. This is NOT correct. It’s an urban myth. In any case, if you can’t remember where your fuel tank is, it’s time to hand in your licence. Next thing will be you can’t remember which is the accelerator and which is the brake.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that people think that the side the petrol cap is on determines which side of the bowser to pull into. This is silly because the hose will reach over your car to the other side with relative ease. That is why the hose is connected to a flexible upright.

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