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The Australian Government’s relationship with the Muslim community has been shaky in recent years, but the new PM is reportedly seeking to turn this around.

According to The Australian, new Malcolm Turnbull is aiming to take on a “more co-operative and inclusive policies” in a deliberate effort to counter the more aggressive tone previously given by Tony Abbott.

This follows from warnings from Australian security agencies that the prior government’s relationships with the community have sunk to a new low, leading to a feeling of marginalisation and exclusion.

Abbott was notoriously blunt when it came to national security, implicating the broader Muslim community as responsible for the actions of a radicalised few.

“I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it,” he said in February.

One such leader who has been doing exactly that is Dr Jamal Rifi, an Australian Lebanese GP who has previously made headlines for his strong words of peace against the Islamic State. Dr Rifi has praised news of a more diplomatic government attitude.

“It is definitely needed and definitely welcomed,” he told The Australian. “Unfortunately, under the pre­vious government we felt power­less”.

“The larger Muslim community will respond with open arms”.

Turnball has been far more careful with his language to date. The Australian reports that he will be taking steps within the coming weeks to build greater cooperation with the Muslim community.

Connie Fierravanti-Wells, the new Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, had previously confirmed that the Government is actively looking for ways to mend the relationship.

“It’s very important that these relationships are now intensified at the national level,” she said.

“Our communities do feel alienated, they feel as though events overseas and the Middle East have impinged on their relationship, not just with government but broader Australia

“I think its really important that those relationships are revisited”.

Are you pleased to see Turnbull act on his promise to be a “more consultive” Prime Minister? Do you prefer his approach over Abbott’s?

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  1. AUSTRALIANS first Turnbull….I mean back stabber….

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    • STOP giving them money and every thing else they get till they speak english ..DRESS …and live our way of life and treat women with respect…NO changing laws to suit them…

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      • That would be the first step……Then they would only be able to live here under the laws of OUR Country and deported if they break them.

      • And stop paying multiple single parent pensions to all the wives of polygamist Muslims. Might be more for aged pensioners who’ve actually paid taxes in Australia.

    • The Muslim community of which we are speaking ARE Australians, Marita N Jim.

    • What a load of hogwash why should they have more preference than the rest of us. They were granted Asylum for their protection. Now they want to rule the country.
      Sections of their community are violent and the rest do nothing to stop it. Pack up and leave if unhappy it will make our lives feel much safer.

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  2. abbott was right backstabber they HAVE to adapt to our way of life not the other way around

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    • Ugh. What a terrible, backwards, damaging attitude. We can thank people like you for the radicalisation of Muslim youth. Not to mention the sadness and misery you cause to people who just want to live peacefully within our society.

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      • Peaceful? In some UK cities there are no-go area for locals with Muslims taking over. Tower Hamlets in London is one in particular.

        1 REPLY
        • Have a good look at what’s happening in Londons east where they have claimed it a no go area for non Muslims .They have accepted the hospitality of UK until they got all the Goodies,encouraged there mates to join in,then bite the hand that feeds them.Never in a million years would they make good citizens here.Turnball in taking the soft option like the UK to get votes will rue the day.Meanwhile everyone else pays the price! They are an entirely different culture.

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          • It’s okay to live & let live, but only if they realize they have come into our country for a better life so should live by our rules & regulations, speaking our language & adopt our dress code as we would have to do if we went to their country. A soft approach is not going to work with these people & good on Tony Abbott for seeing this.

    • So many people on this site have been brainwashed. Have said it many times there are good and bad of every colour, race and religion.

    • Not sure whether it’s brainwashing or just that they are so set in their ways that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • Australians should wake up and realise how we are being over run in our own country The United Nations are telling our politicians what to do as if they were puppets They are selling off our land to the highest overseas bidders they are getting ready to sign the TPP and the Free Trade Deal with China all being done behind closed doors with out any advantage to Australia They are allowing these countries to bring in their own labour on visa 457 without the necessary Australian Qualifications plus they are complaining about welfare yet they will allow more refugees and pay them a lot more than our own pensioners We seem to spend billions on overseas aid and millions to Indonesia when we have 800,000 unemployed and 100,000 homeless people in Australia that cannot afford housing and electricity

    • Well, I’m 61 years old, and I guess if I live to 85 I’ll be damm lucky in many ways. Looking back, I lived the good times in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and so on. Saw the mobile hone come into play, microwave, Internet, digital TV, lots of things good.
      Then lots of things bad.
      If grandkids growing up today, what kind of world will they have when they are are 60?
      Feel sorry for them.

    • So why do yoy insist on attacking their countries and force on them what you belive? Aren’t you just a bunch of dangerous hypocrites? Besides, you don’t need anyone to destroy your society: you are doing a very good job at it yourselves!

  3. Good because to be truthful I can’t see what animosity and angst was going to achieve, these people are here , they are Australian citizens and they are not going anywhere. Rather than annoy them, we need to get them onside so that there are no attacks here. The Abbott Government did a lot of damage

    24 REPLY
    • well said, disenfranchised youth will lash out if they feel they are being targeted, getting them onside as protectors of Australia would be a smarter move

    • There is no such thing as getting them onside. In reality they don’t have to be onside. Do we ask any other religious group to be onside? The majority of any religious group is good, it’s the few bad souls that make it bad for everyone and no they’re not all aussie citizens

    • The only way to get them onside is for us to adopt their beliefs and customs as their religious way of life is diametrically opposed to ours.

    • in every area in life people do the wrong thing, that is life !! but irritating these people is not a smart move

    • I thought they fit in with the Australian way of life not the other way round. Tip toe tip toe. Get a spine Turnbull.

    • please be warned i have zero tolerance for racists and bigots , if any of you feel the need to rant to me, I will block you, this is my opinion, if you have an opposing one on put it in the forum

    • Rozzie, the muslim community segregate the youth by their own choice. Our schools are not good enough, they build their own. They rarely join in charitable events, the seldom participate in school functions etc. They are taught that we are lesser people and yet when they don’t fit in it is all our fault. I am talking straight from my own experiences in this community. Disenfranchised, bullshit! Disrespectful of our way of life more likely. If we do not stop this, we will have a situation like England, where Saria Law is being used in places like Lutton. No more political correctness, we should do what is correct for Australia. Please don’t tell me I should try harder to help them. How can you hold a conversation with a person with their face fully covered and the male with his back turned in contempt. Yes, this has happened to me .

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    • What happened to the easy going friendly Aussie, we are scared of our own shadow. And last night on another forum I read comments attacking a singer because she made a mistake, with this attitude how can we ever expect to welcome anyone who may have differing views.

      1 REPLY
      • Lee, they can have all the differing views they like, just keep them to themselves and don’t expect the rest of the world to change for them!!!

    • TA’s approach was very much like George W Bush, ie you are either with us or against us. Such comments shut down all debate, puts people offside and makes them defensive, creates a them and us, black and white, left or right mentality which history shows has had terrible consequences. Such thinking is never helpful. Trying a different approach is not necessararily appeasement, but it is more likely to make people more cooperative.

    • So you are ok with being forced to have everything Halal and Muslims dictating to you that you carnt eat Pork or because the smell from your house insults them You are ok with them bringing Sharia Law into our Country
      Wake up They hate our Culture

    • The majority do blend in with the rest of us, but can you really blame them if they don’t? So much hatred directed towards them, they must surely feel safer mixing with fellow Muslims.

    • The Muslim leaders and parents have a lot of responsibility and must stand up to it to talk discuss educate and influence their young people to more peaceful solutions and give them a work ethic and report any plans for acts of violence.
      We can’t have this seething anger happening in this country.

    • sensible post Darrell Warrington , I am all in favor of that suggestion but I am not in favor of alienating them

    • Darrell Warrington The Muslims have been consulted ,asked to speak out about problems . I have NEVER heard any Muslim leader say we must abide by Australian laws , or told parents to check on their kids more often .

    • Libbi are you already wearing a burka if not you will be wearing one soon so get your head out of the sand these people dont even live each other so what chance do we have

    • Naive statements. There is no peace with Islam. This country needs to protect its borders NOW. Tony Abbott had the conviction and understanding of the issues that we face as did John Howard. Good on you Paul Keating for opening the doors to this one. It’s our children’s children that will bear the cross of this. I fear for their future.

      2 REPLY
      • Wish we could post links here. Might help Libbi get her head out of the sand. She minister only watch our left biased media

      • Wish we could post links here. Might help Libbi get her head out of the sand. She must only watch our left biased media

    • Dawn Bruce you don’t know any Muslims, you sit in your little box listening to shock jocks all day

    • The sooner people stop being nasty towards other human beings the sooner we will have a safer community, the hatred is unbelievable. There needs to be more tolerance of all people. This should be the safest and most peace loving country on the planet but it’s not and it will only improve with a change in attitudes. How many of you realise there are more gun killings in Australia than in England or France. This is about attitudes again.

    • Libbi Elliot I have friends all over Aust, and see thousands of articles from all over the world, As well as radio & many FB posts , from all parties new & old. I don’t rely on radio. I live in a community ,with a Maronite church, all the families moved in or built same time as we did, My kids always had Lebonese in their classes. They were no problem,

  4. There is NO appeasing islam……people have tried to appease islam for 1400 years…..their answer is always the same…..death & violence till we bend to their way…..all kissing moslem arse will get us is shitty lips!

    1 REPLY
  5. And please tell me how this will stop events like what happened at Parramatta, it will not. Get use to it people. There will be more on the way and it will be unstoppable. Our Australia is stuffed. You may like as well Turnbull to go over to the middle east and stop things there with your words. You are a tossa. Why are these people still being allowed to enter Australia. Who is running the Immigration Dept, clowns. With all the different leaders and parties we have had over the years none have said stop the immigration for a while. Call me racist, call me anything you like as i do not give a stuff. Our Australia is no more.

    25 REPLY
    • So true Noel Wilson, stop it all its just got out of hand . To think whats happening in Europe is SCARY . Who is who there just getting thru the system. Without checks dont know whats out there now. We are all at risk and no one seems to be doing anything about it.

    • You’ve hit the nail right on the head Noël our country is full of screaming do gooders who can’t see past the end of their nose

    • Norm Draper for what reason I dont know, all for ? let us all live in our Country in peace. Thats all we want .

    • It is fine to call me a racist, we live in a democracy and you are entitled to say what you feel. That is the exact thing we all will loose. The right to voice our opinions. And you will be included in the we. See how you feel then.

    • Lee Horrocks Lee Horrocks What kind of love we are talking about ?!!! You do not kow what love is until you loose love ones to some one like Parramatta’s … You teel Curtis cheng’s family ?!!!

    • Very nicely put and so true. What kind of politician do we really have. I’m sure that most of Australias population would agree. Xx

    • I’m with you Noel Turnbull is a Muslim lover Abbott had the best idea and gust to deal with it .

    • I agree with you to a tee…things like what happened in Parramatta over the weekend will happen more and more…the Muslims we have had here over the decades are fine, ok that is where it should stop, no more of these radicle murdering, take over mongrels. We do not want Sharia Law, we done’t want your halal, if you want these things go back where you came from. The Muslims that have been here for decades and have fitted in with us they are fine but these ones coming from radicle countries and war zones should not, they are bringing there horrible thoughts and problems with them and it is then being put onto us and I for one do not want that for me, my kids or my Grandkids. I worry what a country my Grandkids will live in after I am gone.

    • Well done Noel. We hear about these do-gooders but everyone I speak to thinks the same as you and I.

    • Very bad things happening in Germany with Muslims starting to want Sharia law enforced by Muslim men. The German police say they won’t tolerate any undermining of their authority but this is causing tension in society as Muslims seek more power and control. I see nothing but trouble ahead for Germany.

    • Cathy Howat Cathy Howat Why is it the in thing to call people racist if you don’t like their opinion.

      1 REPLY
      • Islam is not a race it is an ideology and a form of control in every part of a muslims life, it is not racist to be opposed to Islam, if that were the case we would be calling an Atheist racist. Unfortunately using the race card is a way of of shutting down discussion and is used by those who have no argument to come back with sensibly

    • I agree that our Australia is changed for ever. I am a 5th gen down of stolen gen and my ggggggrand father was pome he rapped my gggggrand mother so my ggggrand farther was bourn on the banks of the Barwin river, he was taken at 4 years old. So yes I get it but the world has changed forever, we are apart of that world and our laws have to change to make those who are lucky to come to Australia live as Aussies and leve there crap behind. Australia and the world can’t handle the population groth and wars ext happen. The rest is up to mother nature to keep our numbers down.

    • Seems the only people here agreeing with this Liberal PM are ALP voters and we won’t be voting for him, you voted for this Government, he is YOUR PM and it is all your responsibility that this LNP are in Government and before you say you voted for Abbott, it was the Liberal Party who ousted him..once again the same party you voted for

    • Ironic isn’t it Rozzy. Funny actually. They voted for the Liberals, now they’re stuck with them.

    • Maybe we should just supply all those muslims wanting to come here with guns and send them to fight there own war and claim their own country back from the extremists before getting on a boat, instead of expecting the rest of the world to do it for them. Obviously they have no respect for their country or fellow muslims. So why would they respect OUR COUNTRY???

  6. Abbott saw the truth and said as such. Turnbull sees the same truth and distorts it to suit the UN’s agenda.

    25 REPLY
    • As John Key our PM said there the other day what the hell is the UN doing to sort things out. Dont often agree with him either.

    • The Abbott Government committed to bring in another 13,000 from Syria, so in the next 12 months we will have over 27,000 extra people in Australia and many of those will be Muslim

    • John Langborne legally or not that will not change their religeon , not will it change the fact that all of these people will need welfare and medicare as well as housing, I am not not anti Muslim, but you can’t tell us we have a budget emergeny and want to cut pensions..then bring more in..it is rank hypocrasy

    • Barbara Pincott In is the Christians that are being killed and tortured by these Muslims, Lests hope he doesn’t back track but knowing him he will do anything to keep himself popular

    • Abbott is a racist religious radical of the far right who has no place in our multi-cultural democracy! He has planted the seeds of civil war and unrest in our previously peaceful multi-cultural society.

    • Roberta Meredith .Why should they, they have their agenda, an are Hell bent on carrying it out. Blind Aussie Politicians .

    • Jeanette Heaton abbott is not a racist religious radical – he told it like it is. As the saying goes ‘the truth often hurts’ doesn’t it. Get you head out of your bum or some little darling along the line will cut it off for you because are an ‘infidel’.

    • Jeanette Heaton You need to take a walk through Lakemba when the muslims have Meeting and the police tell the Aussies to move away for their own safety.

    • Rosemary Henley Jeanette is correct.Did you ever hear him condemn the Catholic Clergy for their terrorism of children as has been unearthed by Julia Gillard”s Royal Commission.And dont tell me those children were not terrorised.They were too afraid to speak out about their abuse.I dont go along with her assertion that he has planted the seeds of civil war, but there is no doubt he has been a divisive influence.I think people should do some research and discover just how long Muslims have been in Australia.They will find they were a part of the exploration of the inland of this country.

    • Rozzy Battles They are not over and above the total humanitarian intake. So no, not extra.

    • That is so right Eileen I came from Punchbowl and that area around Bankstown, Punchbowl, Wiley Park Lakemba Campsie is so full of muslim people that you say to yourself SPOT the Aussie

    • Jenny Ryan so therefore Jenny you have a better chance than a lot of people to learn about them, help them integrate into Australia and generally offset the paranoia Tony Abbott has created.

    • Refugees don’t have ID if their homes have been bombed. I swear you people think they’re happily packing a suitcase of their favourite things and heading off on a little jaunt. It’s us and other western countries who are bombing them by the way

    • How are Muslim leaders supposed to know what every member of their congregation is thinking? Does your priest or minister know what you’re thinking?

    • Are you for real Sue Todd? Why don’t you go to one of their meetings or whatever they call them and listen in as did 4 open minded Australians who went to a Muslim open to the public day to broaden their understanding of the Muslim in their Sydney Community. Within 2 mins of the first speaker who started speaking they became very concerned at what was being said to the 1200 seated audience. To quote what they saw and heard is too long, but they were very concerned and much more enlightened when they quickly made their way out of there. Time to maybe take the veil off your eyes and realise what’s happening all over the world. Just another greenie do gooder me thinks.

    • Are you for real Noreen? Were you one of the ones who went? Doubt it. You need to stop judging people you don’t know too, I live in the country where there are bushfires, I’m no greenie lover. Just shows how wrong someone can be, although that doesn’t stop you making assumptions does it

    • Sue Todd … No thank fuck, But its their clerics who want Sharia law imposed and they know whats going on ,

    • Noreen McCabe Goodonya Noreen I reckon Sue likes the idea of being degraded by men and wants to wear a spook suite around

  7. Predictable response from Turnbull and the Authorities.It’s not the Muslims fault,they are all very sorry and don’t understand how this could possibly happen.PC brigade will be the finish of Western Democracy.

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