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Destination weddings can be a tricky thing.

On the one hand, you’re often surrounded by beautiful scenery with stunning beaches, rolling hills, or sprawling countryside.

On the other, they often force guests to pay large sums of money and spend hours planning travel and itineraries.

One couple has proven they understand the trouble destination weddings can cause and sent out an honest and hilarious RSVP card to their guests.

Australian couple Michael and Wendy are getting married in China later this year and decided to give their guests a variety of options when signalling whether or not they would be able to make it on the big day.

The options included answers:

‘It’s another f*****g destination wedding! Back in my day, it was reasonable to decline a wedding in Yarra Glen on the grounds of distance and the cost of a bus fare.’

‘I’m a wanted fugitive in China. It was an innocent mix-up. I kept yelling ‘FORK’ as I can’t get the hang of those blasted chopsticks …

‘I’m stricken with fear that the 7 course wedding banquet will not contain my Chinese staples of honey chicken and beef black bean, but rather will include duck’s tongue, pig’s blood soup and tiger’s spleen.’

The couples friend Beck posted a photo of the RSVP on social media and it has been doing the rounds on the internet ever since.

Take a look at the full RSVP card below and tell us what you think.

Have you ever been to a destination wedding? Do you like destination weddings? Where did you get married?

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