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It was a big year with many huge world events happening – some good and some bad. Starts at 60 was here for all of them, so tonight we’re taking a look back at the news and entertainment stories you loved.

Mike Gibson’s sad death had us all wondering, “How is my husband, really?”, and earlier in the year we found what little Prince George calls the Queen very interesting indeed.

2015 was the year many will remember for the sad terrorist attacks by ISIS, however one Irishman’s letter to the extremist group brought a smile to faces in dark times.

We were worried about the loss of Australia’s favourite biscuits, and this favourite song from our childhood, and we reminisced about the amazing secret photographs of Princess Diana’s wedding and how Prince William was feeling almost 20 years on about his mother’s death.

A new type of pension payment we should take advantage of had us all excited, but it was really this photo of Helen Mirren flaunting her bra that really had you talking.

We shed some tears while we read about what Billy Connolly wants to tell his grandchildren, this tribute to a fallen teacher, and the soulful voice of Pavarotti’s granddaughter.

And just for good measure, we couldn’t believe this 11-year-old’s duet with Barbra Streisand, or the news of Bert and Patti’s fourth grandchild.

Happy new year! And see you all in 2016 for some more fun discussions. Which was your favourite?



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