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How often do you forget things? If you’re like me, it’s an every day occurrence! But I have some good news for you… Whether it is your PIN, your keys, your car in the car park or your favourite pashmina you can find it again with this trick – that is scientifically proven!

Psychologists from the University of Surrey conducted a study on 200 men and women testing their memory recall ability. They found that shutting your eyes, and shutting out the outside world, improves the ability to recall. They believe that this is because blocking out distractions frees up the necessary brainpower to remember things.

It has also been argued that this technique improves memory as it allows people to build a detailed mental image of the thing they are trying to recall.

It is a technique that the police force is starting to utilise when speaking to eye witnesses to help them build cases and gather necessary information.

So now when you forget little things here and there just shut your eyes and with a bit of luck (and extra brain power!) you’ll find them in no time!

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  1. I often wake up at around 0200 ,having flashes of memories; I seem to do my most effective thinking then.

  2. Ive lost my four dogs leads between my garage and house. Vaguely remember putting them somewhere different, three days later still cant locate them. Cost me $71 to replace the damn things….no doubt i will discover them soon….lol

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  3. Close my eyes and try to remember, you must be joking. Either fall into a hypnotic spell of meditation or FALL FAST ASLEEP!!!

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