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With many still trying to come to grips with the tragedy in Nice yesterday, it’s The Daily Telegraph that has put the focus on the tragic events all around the world.


These tragic events seem to happen with such regularity that it can sometimes be hard to come to grips with the magnitude of the incident. So many attacks in so many countries shine a bright light on a problem that is not just a “one off” occurrence.

Many took to social media to come to grips with the powerful message that The Daily Telegraph is sending.

With the world still reeling from the attacks on Nice that saw at least 84 people die and 50 still in critical condition, it is an important message that The Daily Telegraph is sending with its front page. People online have seen the message being that it seems the world is under attack and that everyone needs to stand together to end tragedies that are on your televisions screens and newspapers all too often.

This all comes at the time that France has declared three days of mourning and supports candlelight vigils that will be staged all over the world to show support for those families that have lost so much and to stand united against the seemingly ever growing threat of terror.

What do you think of The Daily Telegraph’s front page? What message do you think that it conveys? How do you feel about the message? How do you come to grip with these tragic events that seem to happen with more regularity? What message of hope do you send to those suffering around the world?

Scott Black

  1. It shows that these gutless morons will attack anyone, anywhere and in anyway they can. First time a headline mentions ALL places in ALL countries and not just in Europe or the USA. Reality at last in the media.

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    • Totally agree Jennifer. There are so many countries being attached and so many civilians dying.

  2. Sadly I am afraid the terrorists would see this as a proud listing of their victories. Is the sort of publicity they are seeking.

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