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The awesome spirit of Christmas just keeps on coming, and this morning we have what I think could be the most special Christmas ad I have seen this year.  It’s the Vodafone UK ad, and it takes you on a journey with a country family who adopt a turkey that is clearly meant to grow into their Christmas dinner.  We watch the turkey grow up, become one with the family and then, dad takes it to the shed for that awful moment…

What happens next will have you find a tear.


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Great Ad the funny thing is that I had a very similar experience. We lived in the bush in Zimbabwe on a dam construction site and a grateful farmer asked us if we wanted a dressed or live turkey. My husband said live as it would be good for our little daughter to see the live turkey. Well it wandered around the garden and was very friendly and became a pet. Then came our time to move so husband did kill it but it sat in our freezer for two years as I could not even contemplate eating my friend. He had a beautiful burial.

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    • We had the same occur with a couple of ducks. Nobody would eat them the first was served up and the kids and I wouldn’t eat it and the second sat in the freezer for ages I think it ended up fed to the dogs.

  2. Nice one Vodafone 😍 🎄

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    • Heh! Guys! Get over it they are there for eating!!!

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      • No they aren”t. We have plenty of cruelty free choices. What makes you so selfish?

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