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First it was bread and milk, and now it’s sausages – what’s next!?

Woolworths have today revealed a price drop in their 24-pack of sausages, which has quickly been followed by similar prices in Coles and Aldi. But what about our butchers who have to compete? This feels like history repeating itself…

Homebrand snags are now $6.95 for a 1.8kg pack of 24 (29 cents each), down from 49 cents per sausage. Aldi and Coles went to ground and quickly changed their prices to $6.89 and $7 respectively for the pack. While this is great for us, the consumer, suffice to say that butchers around the country will be hurting.

In a move that appears to be strategically targeted towards those of us buying up for Australia Day, Jim Stephan from Woolworths’ meat trading wanted to remind us all that the Homebrand snags were 100 per cent beef.

It makes one wonder, could this be another nail in the coffin for the already semi-obsolete world of butchers? Some of us still go to the local butcher for our cuts of meat but if supermarkets keep running them out of business…we could have no choice but to shop at a chain supermarket.

Last year, the big 3 supermarkets had a bread war, reducing a loaf down the 85 cents, whilst simultaneously getting bakeries offside.

So, now we must decide whether we want to support local businesses, or if we would prefer that money in our pocket. What do you think?

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  1. Funny that because where I live we have seven butchers, seven supermarkets, 33,000 people and the butchers do great business. Their secret is quality and different. You can’t buy two snags at the supermarket, or get the happy service.

  2. You get what you pay for … Pay peanuts and you’ll get rubbish sausages. If you want good food you would probably get better quality from someone who takes pride in their work. Butchers have competitions to see who makes the best sausages.

  3. And what about the farmers? Always screwed to the last cent. Buy for quality, not price – same as milk and bread, and all the other Aussie things we can no longer buy.

  4. Sausages not good for your health it doesn’t matter where you buy them they are full of fat.

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    • I am not a sausage eater but, this is Australia and you will find them on many BBQ.S around the country

    • Not necessarily full of fat. Choose wisely, use small producers or make your own. A little fat is needed to bind ingredients and add flavour.

    • Full of salt too. Would love to make my own some day.

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      • Sorry to say you are very ill informed about the fat and salt content of sausages, these days it is so regulated there is nothing in them to harm your health. As a retired butcher I can tell you some of the places I worked there was no way I would eat the sausages and again most were absolutely top quality and did take them home by the kilo. In my day there was very little or no checks as to what went into the sausages, now the checks are much more regular.

  5. I dont eat many sausges, I’ve tried both supermarket and butcher shop, supermarket sausages have a strange taste to them and are slimy, butcher shop sausages wins hands down.

  6. Prefer butchers snags love to know what they put in the budget ones it is a shame for your local butcher

  7. I would say these sausages will have very little meat in them..I buy my meat from the butcher and that will not change

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