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30 minutes is all you need to regain balance, be stress-free and improve your immune system. If it’s that easy and if it only takes that small amount of time out of our day, then we say why not!

When we don’t get enough sleep we face stress, a low immune system, are at higher risk of obesity and high blood pressure, have a lack of focus and are more moody than usual.

But all you need to banish the effects of not enough sleep is a power nap! The Daily Mail reports that new research claims that a 30 minute power nap to regain balance and reverse the effects of a lack of sleep.

The study analysed the health of individuals across periods of sleep deprivation and the effects of a 30 minute nap after a period of sleep deprivation. Testing the urine and saliva, scientists were able to see what hormone levels were altered at different stages.

What they found was that several hormones responsible for stress, the immune system that were also related to high blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar increased with a lack of sleep, but after the 30 minute “power nap” they were restored to normal levels again.

What this means is that if we have a really bad night and struggle with insomnia, while it isn’t a total fix to the problem, is that we can keep our health at good levels if we get that 30 minute nap in.

So if you have a bad nights’ sleep, have a 30 minute power nap the following day and you’ll be feeling right as rain!

Tell us, do you struggle with insomnia? What other remedies have helped you?

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  1. What a shame, at first I thought Starts at 60 had come up with an amazing cure to help with sleeping through the night. I don’t normally sleep during the day, but if a 30min nap is the answer to stop me feeling like something the cat dragged in, well I’ll definitely give it a go.

  2. At different times all of these have helped:
    glass of wine
    glass of milk
    biscuits and cheese with drink
    getting up for half an hour
    playing Solitaire on computer

    I’ve been doing this for the past week and it seems to work
    Far better than the awake in the wee hours of the past ..if I wake I do this n nod back off again ..

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    • I don’t have much trouble getting to sleep normally, but I read about this somewhere else and have been trying it anyway. I can actually feel a change in my body and of course, drop off. Will try it on a plane tomorrow 🙂

    • Take a really deep breath and exhale through your mouth before you start. You do a set if three, then repeat every 5 minutes. I have yet to get to the 2nd 5 minutes

    • Thank you Chris, I will try it…I have also been having success with breathe in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4…

  4. A bit difficult if you work full time, otherwise s good idea

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    • I get that, I used to grab 30 mins when I got home. My daughter in law grabs hers on the train home. She never misses her station, I wouldn’t dare.

  5. I have interrupted sleep constantly, and my Nanna naps are a godsend. I have found that accepting my broken sleep patterns helps too.

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  6. I had a shocker last night, too much thinking I will for sure be having a sleep during the day for about 15 minutes and I will be fine

  7. I find the days I don’t have nanny nap are the ones I have trouble getting to sleep 30 mins each day is all it takes

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