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Before you deny the above accusation read on… It may change your life and make your mornings, morning teas, afternoon teas and evening a whole lot better!

Today the New Daily is reporting that research from the UK has found that after surveying 1,000 adults, the majority don’t make their tea the right way.

They found that most people are not brewing their tea for the recommended amount of time making it less flavoursome.

So what is the ideal brewing time?

Five minutes apparently!

Professor Miodownik from the study has said, “What you make tea in, and drink it out of, is important. It alters the taste. Fundamentally, of course, what makes the perfect cuppa is a matter of personal preference.”

“But the next time you are making a pot of tea for the family, or are charged with the office tea round, try and test some different variables – from the type of tea to the length of time you brew it for and what you drink it out of – you might find it takes your relationship with tea to a whole new level.” he said.

The optimum brewing time is two to five minutes and when drinking out of a mug the milk should be poured in after the boiling water. However, if you’re drinking it out of a tea cup with a flatter shape, it is best to put the milk in first.

Now please don’t ask why, because we don’t know, but since their British we’re going to believe them!

So now that you have that information, you can go along and make that perfect cup of tea… If you’ll be brewing it for longer today then you can thank us later!

How often do you drink tea?

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  1. And they are probably right. Maybe it us a sign of the busy times we are in. I made a pot if tea the other day and it did taste better because I got called to the phone so it had time to brew. Re the milk after….. There was always an old Australian saying that if you didn’t put the milk in first you would have red headed children!!! so what is wrong with red headed children? I guess it was something to do with our hot climate and fair skin. Who knows where some of these sayings began.

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    • Love & have to have my morning cuppa! Being an ex-pat ( 27 years now) I agree that milk should be added after the BOILED water has been added to the tea bag. If making in a tea pot, allow to brew for a few minutes before pouring. My parents used to love having a second cup from the tea pot by adding more boiling water to the remainder of the first brewed tea – never knew them doing it any other way & it still tasted good second time round.
      The saying I remember from them is that only one person should use the teapot per brew otherwise you will have ginger twins – don’t have a clue where it came from but was a saying I was brought up with which has never been forgotten. Would love to know how it originated.

  2. I find that most cafe workers have no idea of making a good cup of tea. In some places, you are given a mug of hot water, which has gone off the boil and a tea bag on a saucer to put in yourself! At one place in WA, I asked the worker to please put my tea bag in and then add the water. She told me that she didn’t do it that way. I insisted and managed to have a satisfying cup of tea. She stood there scratching her head lol.

  3. I prefer leaf tea and yes I let it sit for anything up to 5 minutes but thats where all similarity to the rules ends for me. When I was young the teaching was – one spoon of leaves per person and one for the pot. That makes for VERY strong tea. I like a weaker cup of tea so use considerably less tea in my pot

  4. I make tea the way I like it, so go chase yourself…! (from someone who is still approaching sixty – rapidly!)

  5. My dad made his pot of tea every morning.with great ritual……..pour boiling water into the teapot first…..las wirl it round. Add loose tea leaves. add BOILING WATER. Put lid on then turn the pot around several times and wait for two minutes. Then to pour it you pour a little…….stop….pour more….stop….until the cup was full. I don’t know why he did it this way but it is one of my early childhood memories. By the way the milk was always warmed and added first.

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