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Annual research into the brands Australians love the most shows we like tried-and-true companies that don’t deviate too much from what they’re good at.

Readers Digest has just announced the ten most trusted brands and the winner is….


Dettol has held onto its position as Australia’s most trusted brand. The antiseptic liquid has been around since the 1950s and has kept thousands of Australian homes germ-free for years.

Reader’s Digest most trusted brands

1) Dettol
2) Dulux
3) Colgate
4) Band-Aid
5) Dyson
6) Parker Pens
7) Panadol
8) Sony
9) Twinings
10) Lipton

Parker Pens, Sony, Twinings and Lipton make an appearance on the annual list, while Colgate has slipped from second to third place. Dyson, usually found in the top three, has fallen to fifth place.

The research, conducted by Catalyst Marketing and Research also named Hills Hoist as the most iconic brand, beating Arnott’s and SPC.

And in the war of the chocolates Lindt knocked Cadbury out of the way as most trusted confectionary brand.

It’s interesting to see that the brands on the list have been around a while. Previously found on the list were Bunnings, Weber, Sanitarium.

Perhaps the most surprising to us here in the digital world is that Parker Pens still makes the grade. Do people still us pens? (We’re kidding!)

Are you surprised to see that Dettol is Australia’s most trusted brand? And, more importantly, is Lindt really better than Cadbury? 


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  1. Sorry I still buy Cadbury chocolates. Have you been through the factory in Hobart. Where is the Lindt factory in Australia or is it all imported?

    5 REPLY
    • Sorry I love Cadbury. There are so many varieties Milk, dark and white chocolate. Take your pick.

    • They take you through the factory and show you how it is made and you get tastings along the way. Then they have a shop where you can buy discounted chocolates. Have you ever been to the ginger factory in QLD same thing they take you through then have the shop and a restaurant. Don’t bother staying because it is so expensive.

  2. Nestle are very much a manufacturer to trust although some consumers may not be aware of the products they provide. Cadbury and Coca-Cola are considered reputable as well. Some of those in your list no longer deserve the accolades.

    8 REPLY
    • And what would they be Narelle? I’ve worked in the food industry for most of my life and am aware of the issues most of these businesses have had to overcome, this also extends to businesses in other areas.

    • Apparently with aid in the 3rd world, sales practices and sourcing water. Cadbury with palm oil and CC with resources

    • That was true of Cadbury but I can’t confirm if that has changed, however Nestle do not use unethical supplies of palm oil and provide significant aid in the third world.

    • Yes but not ethical across the board and have sourced water and sold formula unethically. It is on ethical buying sites

    • As the biggest manufacturer of food products it’s inevitable to have some issues from time to time but overall they have better ethics than many other producers.

    • Perhaps. I worked in finance and can’t think of any really. Which isn’t to ray they aren’t trvsted by the public

  3. Dettol? Once they changed the smell of it I no longer ‘trusted’ it. Nor does the water go milky anymore either.

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