See the devastating “mini tornado” that swept through Victoria 63



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Both New South Wales and Victoria experienced some seriously fierce weather yesterday, with both enduring storms strip homes of their roofs.

But for the northern Victorian town of Strathmerton faced something far stranger than a usual Aussie storm. According to Victorian Storm Chasers, photos snapped in the chaos suggest this could be a “mini tornado”. What do you think?



Meanwhile, New South Wales faced some truly terrifying sights of Mother Nature’s fury, from lightning strikes to hailstones to buses struck by lighting.

Did you experience any of this last night? If not: when was your last major storm experience?

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  1. Without doubt our weather is changing, when I was young we had small dust tornado’s here, tiny things without any real force. They were called Whirly Whirly’s , but we never had these destructive tornado’s before

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  2. Good lord. That is some awful weather. Last storm was Cyclone Marcia. Quite happy to never experience that again.

  3. I’m in Bunbartha. A small village between Shepparton and Nathalia and that’s what we got yesterday. Very very scary but all ok. People just up the road in Strathy, not so lucky.

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  4. It came through Yarrawonga just after Strathmerton with strong winds, torrential rain and continuous rolling thunder. Dumped 22mils on us before moving on. Luckily no rotors, twisters or damage that I know of. This area has often been hit by this sort of phenomenon over the years that I have lived here since 1989. I don’t think it represents any significant change in the local weather patterns.

  5. Our weather is always a subject of much discussion and conjecture. Mother nature can unleash carnage and destruction without much warning and the impact can differ in as little as a couple of kilometres or even a few metres. Yesterday my barometer which hangs in our patio showed barometric pressure as low as I have seen. Weather forecast were for severe conditions; heavy rain, thunderstorms, hail and damaging winds for our region. ( East Gippsland in Victoria) We expected to get some rough weather, yet our town did not get much at all. A bit of thunder and rain was all that eventuated in the town of Bairnsdale itself. As is often the case this weather went North and did a bit of damage on its way up through the North of the state and into NSW. It has been proven on many occasions that not even our meteorologists can predict exactly what Mother Nature has in store.
    The one thing that annoys me is the fact that our news services report the aftermath in a fashion that throws a blanket over the whole scenario and we get an exaggerated version of what happened. I wonder how many people in QLD think that all of Victoria got a battering?

  6. Wow. Mother Nature! We were staying in South Gippsland over the weekend and missed all the wild weather apart from a little rain. Those pics of the clouds over Sydney airport are spectacular ( wouldn’t want to be flying through it though).

  7. There’s no such thing as a mini tornado. Australia has tornados but most occur in our vast remote areas.
    I believe this event was an actual Tornado.
    The whirly whirlies are simple hot air rising phenomena.
    Tornado are severe rotations of air masses that connect with a jet stream and are on an entirely different scale.

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