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Federal Senator Jacqui Lambie is living a nightmare that shows no sign of ending any time soon. She’s caught in a struggle with her son and his drug of choice and it’s a position many mothers will identify with. Jacqui isn’t alone in finding herself in a situation that is fraught with hard decisions, tough love and heartache.

We all carry hopes and dreams for our children and when our babies are born they are delivered with the hope and optimism of the endless possibilities and joy that life will bring them, and us, as they grow. When a child turns to drugs, and their life begins to spiral out of control, it must be an unimaginable pain for a parent to bear.

Last month Jacqui Lambie surprised us all when she made a very emotional announcement in the Senate, telling us that her 21-year-old son was an ice addict. Her openness and her honesty about the agony of her personal situation has made her a focus for people who are are looking for help.

It’s not possible to hear Ms Lambie speak about her circumstances and not feel her pain and wonder how we would deal with such a life-changing turn in our lives.

Ms Lambie told ABC’s 7.30 program, “I’m not talking to my son anymore, I can’t get any sense out of this human being sitting out there. [I] think he is going to end up in jail. I can only pray that a court will see enough sense and [that] he hasn’t done enough harm that the court will … [say] ‘right you will go and do the rehab for the next six months or you are going to jail’, because right now that is the only way I’ll get my son back.”

Those must be very difficult words for a mother to speak and it must be even harder to reach the conclusion that those are your son’s best options.

Most of us hope our son’s options, as young men, will be the difficult choice between a career or starting his own business, or moving interstate to pursue his career, not a court deciding between rehab and jail – that is too painful for many of us to think about, but it’s a reality for some parents.

Senator Lambie continued, “I can’t help my own son … I’m struggling with that a little bit. I need to be out there and I need to be trying to help others. Hopefully something will switch in his head and he’ll say ‘please give me some help, I need it’.”

Ms Lambie’s frank, open and raw words are hard to hear or read, but they must be helping people who thought they were alone in being the parents of an addict and hopefully they will help to remove the stigma attached to other families living through the same nightmare.

Last week Senator Lambie visited a drug rehabilitation centre near her home in north-western Tasmania, where she told ABC’s 7.30 about her struggle.

Do you think Jacqui will help other parents by sharing her painful struggle? Have you had to help a child who’s an addict, and do you have any words of comfort or wisdom to share?

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  1. with all the publicity about the effects ice will have on you i have no sympathy at all for idiots who try it and become hooked.i feel sorry for these idiots families but the soloution to the problem is the death penalty for traffickers and also the is pointless to pour good money after bad trying to beat their addiction

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    • you must not have children ,and god help you if ever they need help you are the idiot mate ,and yes we all know what ice does NOW!!!!! so god help the ones that are already addicted.and I am not an idiot family.

      1 REPLY
      • I have children and one of them is in the same position. I have given up because they just will not accept help but they find it really easy to lie, cheat, steal, abuse….I supported him for about 15 years trying to help him, feeding him, catching up his rent etc. he has 3 children who are now in my care because he found himself a partner of the same ilk…they neglected their children, kept breaking the law, kept going to jail, committing the same crimes again and getting back on the drugs…twice I got home from work and found my house empty…he had sold everything. So yes! I am a parent who has given up and hope he goes to jail for a LONG tim for the safety of the family and himself…just because you are a parent it does not mean you have to just sit back and cop what is dished out. He made a decision and now he has to live with it.

  2. I really feel for Jacqui and any parent having to standby and watch this DRUG destroy their lives, I hope she and everyone facing the problem get the help they deserve, HANG in there Jaqui you are a strong person keep up the fight.

    13 REPLY
    • How do you know she is a strong person. She was the one who went public about her son. That does not make her strong

    • Wendy, by going public does NOT mean that she isn’t a strong person either. Trish was merely “supporting” Jacqui by saying she is a strong person. Stop splitting hairs and have some compassion for someone whose son is being destroyed by ICE. His choice I know, but not his mother’s choice. I have worked with people whose lives have been destroyed by drugs; it is heart breaking for the families.

      1 REPLY
      • If she had not become an addict and alcoholic maybe her son wouldn’t be one ,too. She has always been rabble, got booted out of Army couldn’t hack it, AFTER they gave her rehab, Sorry , not a very good roll model ,

    • Wendy Biden, by bring it in the open she is helping others, how many other politicians kids are hooked on drugs?We have no idea because they lack the courage to come out and tell us

    • Thanks for the support Christa Caldecott however you would have noticed her comment didn’t deserve a response, if she can’t think for herself then you have to feel sorry for her.

    • Empathy and compassion are not her strong points, I read her comments and wonder if she is capable of feeling any at all

    • It’s the first time Iv had the experience with her, and the last I don’t tolerate people like her.

    • She does this to everyone, and she is annoying with it, you got her once but she keeps coming back over and over again

    • good 🙂 I only keep her unblocked because she terrorises people , and I can’t defend them if I can’t see her but she doesn’t listen to me

    • Wendy is loving what she is doing obviously so don’t cause yourself any grief because of someone like her, no one need the stress of it.

    • Trish Daley one thing I have to come to realise about Wendy Biden, she craves attention, the more of a pest she is the more attention she gets

    • Then in that case I can only recommend that everyone who enjoys Starts at 60 should block her when she is nasty and spoil her fun.

    • Actually Trish I like to see her comments; makes me realise what a nice person I am when compared to the likes of Wendy. Lol.

  3. I wish her luck in her struggle to get help for her son and many more sons of other parents it`s a daily struggle to try and find light at the end of the tunel I hope she wins this race

  4. Do whatever you need to, that’s what mothers do

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    • True, Jaquie was an addict & alcoholic, got booted out of Army for dissent, & disturbance, What a wonderful role model . NOT

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