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When I was a kid, I had the longest hair of all the kids in my street. I wasn’t a girl, but you would have to do a double take when you saw my long locks! I was always proud of the thick head of hair I had and didn’t care when I was teased at school for it. In my teens, I would tie it up but let it loose for rock concerts.

I got married in 1972 at 23 years old and at the time, I had a brilliant shoulder length mullet. I hoped this would distract from the fact I had a receding hairline, but when I look at the photos, I cringe at how horrible I looked next to my radiant wife. I continued to deny my pattern balding until I was well into my 50s. I think you can imagine just how much hair I had left but it was affectionately referred to as my halo. I had grown one side longer to cover the patch but at long last, when I was 54, I decided it was time. It was time to admit I was a bald man.

And this wasn’t the easiest thing to admit – I didn’t want to say goodbye to my vanity or what little hair I had left. But I chose to embrace the baldness and poked fun at myself. I thought it’d be funny to have some friends around so my mates could shave off the few sprouts I had left. I still keep my last hairs in a ziplock as a reminder.

One thing they don’t tell you in your lad’s magazines is that when you lose hair on your head, it comes out your ears. It’s like it slipped back into the follicle and teleported 20cm down! I have hair in places I never thought you could grow hair – the top and sides of my back, my eyebrows, my nose and my arse – everywhere was growing like crops in high season. I don’t have enough beauty products in the house to control the growth so I’ve had to take pride in what I’ve been given…a topsy turvy body. When I was in my 20s, I had hardly a hair on my body but luscious hair, and now, 40 years later, I could be mistaken for Bigfoot!

The wife loves the hairy chest but stays quiet on the rest. I have a feeling many other men are in my position! Or maybe women too? Oh well, I say, embrace your hairy or non-hairy self. I saw a young woman on the news last year who had a beard and she embraced the skin she was in. I wish I had done it sooner! It really makes you put life into perspective when you get worried about hair.


Have you had to say goodbye to your hair? What did you do? Tell us about it below.

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  1. My Hubby didn’t have baldness,just went grey very early. He always says it was right after he met me! However, my adult kids are all “thinning” ( not allowed to say the “b” word). I have always had very thick hair so it was a puzzle to me why this should happen to the kids, especially my daughter. Well, evidently it has to do with the genetics of your forbears, and both my mother and my husbands mother had very “thinning” hair, and my maternal grandfather was bald from a very early age, so I’m afraid it’s those genetics that “do” for us again!

  2. From what I have noticed, many men become rather hirsute as they become mature. My husband also has hair growing in places we didn’t expect as he has aged. He simply calls them secondary male features. But his main concern is his nose! The barber clips his ear hair when he goes for a haircut. So you are not alone.

  3. Many go bald at a very young age and not only men, women too. For their own self esteem I wish they could find a cure, but in saying that I take people as they are, your hair is not what makes you attractive, who you are inside as a person will always shine through

  4. had to chuckle on the big foot, women develop facial hair as they age too, I guess its our ape ancestry shinning through lol. But we are who we are. And even though I am sure it is a pain if your experiencing it, people don’t even notice and take you for who you are

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  6. I’m female head thinning but facial hair increasing. Grrrr. I’ve mostly had relatively short hair but if get much thinner will go shorter and shorter. I think it looks better than trying to over up. Same for guys. Vanity is funny, keeping it when hardly any there doesn’t look good but somehow convince yourself it does. .

  7. Oh yes have seen this happen, both my sons have inherited the bad gene from my family. Losing hair early! One son was in his 20’s and gave up the battle early, shaved his head and gave in. much the best way. But so weird as he was born with the longest darkest hair, I had to cut it when he was a couple of weeks old. In his teens he let all his hairdresser girl friends play with his long dark curly hair, he was like a rock star, then it went fast. The other son is 50 and is just losing his rapidly now. Even I had the thickest wildest curly hair and it is now thin …but I still have it so far! My sympathy. if its any consolation bald headed men are in fashion…

  8. Balding comes through the mother’s genes. Of my 5 sons, the youngest has the least hair. He started thinning in his early 20s and at 37, he just has back and sides, which he keeps really short. He also copped my reddish hair and fair skin, so thankfully, he wears a wide brimmed hat. It is such a difference from his teenage years, when he had the most magnificent crowning glory, that reached his shoulder blades. Needless to say, his wife and children have only seen that in photos. This was the same for my Mum, my siblings and me with Dad, who started balding at 19.

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