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The world we live in is shaped by a media machine that controls what we read in the papers, watch on TV, and hear on the radio, it even controls the advertising we we are exposed to. It’s a very powerful machine and one of the biggest operators of that machine is mogul Rupert Murdoch.

As if that wasn’t enough, it could be argued that Murdoch even feeds the journalists who provide the content for those outlets.

Rupert Murdoch loves to tweet. The News Corp executive chairman recently tweeted a series of his thoughts about Labor’s problem with unions, his ideas on the need for a free trade agreement with China, his musings about the deadlocked Senate that is making Australia “ungovernable”, and his observations about the Great Barrier Reef .

He tweets about the US

  He tweets about the UK

He tweets about Australia

Rupert Murdoch loves tweeting, but why? Is it yet another way of controlling what we consume, and the way we think?

He’s head of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, he has many, many outlets for his thoughts, ideas, and pronouncements. He’s like water– he can get everywhere. He has access to everyone he wants to be heard by.

Those of us who use Twitter do so to express ourselves, but we don’t have a large proportion of the world’s media to hold forth in and on.

Murdoch has 610,000 followers and only follows a mix of 123 people and organisations. Most of those he follows are news outlets with the addition of a few more surprising tweeters like TV’s motoring expert Jeremy Clarkson and food critic Jay Rayner.

In a recent article The Conversation asked about Murdoch’s use of Twitter and attempted to answer the question about what it reveals about the man behind the tweets.

The articles conclusion was that “Murdoch’s use of Twitter may be far more revealing on a personal and sentimental level than has previously been recognised”. So is Twitter where Murdoch forms our thoughts and views without the intervention of a third party?


Do you think Rupert Murdoch has too much influence over what we read in the papers, watch on TV and hear on the radio?

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  1. To me he is a failed Australian. He is an American citizen and should have no say in Australian politics. Why anyone would take any notice of him I don’t know.

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    • Agree so strongly Sorel. He should bugger off back to the US and keep his nose out of our business.

  2. Of course he has political bias – don’t we all? He may have the power to direct his at a larger crowd than mere mortals, but he still has the right to it in my opinion. After all, no one is under any compunction to follow his edicts, I make up my own mind, based on my own experiences, not his, and so should we all.

  3. He is a person like anyone of us with an opinion. The difference is our perception or bias of him because of who he is. His power, influence is subjective.

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    • He gave up his Australian citizenship to become a US citizen. Frankly, having done that, he has, in my opinion, gien up his right to comment on Australian affairs.

    • That does not stop anyone of us from having an opinion. I think it’s good for anyone, everyone to show, express their opinion. Makes it interesting, relevant or not.

  4. If Rupert or any of his papers say something I have to read it from at least two other media sources before I believe it. In the UK and US there is at least multiple other news sources that people can access so his influence is dissipated. Here in Australia in many states a Murdoch rag is the only newspaper readily available so his influence can be greater. Personally he would have no influence over me at all.

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    • when that old bastard dies, Australia will have a party to celebrate

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      • David James ,what a really nasty thing the suggest,that people will celebrate at the death of someone ,who employes many,has taken risks,to achieve the success he has .The fact he has a different opinion than yours you may find many others out there who don’t agree with you .You going to party when they die as well.

  5. NOTHING he says would sway me, one way or another. As an American, which he chose to be, his opinions have no real relevence to Australia.

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  6. Rupert is a business man and obviously feels his business will go better under a neo liberal regime. he is looking after his and his corporate’s business.

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