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Seven out of 10 drivers have been the victim of road rage. More disturbingly: those who experience it are still suffering the consequences to this day. What can we do to set this disturbing trend straight?

A new survey of New South Wales and ACT drivers, conducted by NRMA, revealed that nearly a quarter of these incidents were witnessed by a child under 15.

One in five people admitted to being a part of road rage themselves, from leaning on the horn to abusive language/gestures.

The most overwhelming revelation is that a momentary lapse in anger can have huge long-term consequences. A massive 80% of people admitted to being “unsettled” by road rage, and nearly 50% believe they had lost some confidence as drivers as a direct result, according to The Daily Telegraph.

12% have lost sleep over road rage incidents; 10% felt more aggressive toward other people afterwards.

NRMA president Kyle Loades found these results worrying. “It is frightening how quickly a moment of road rage can escalate into an ­impulse action that ruins lives, or worse, takes them away”.

How do we prevent road rage?

Education may be the first step in deterring these incidents. An alarming three quarters of survey respondents were unaware there were any specific road rage laws in place.

If reported, those who use acts of intimidation on the road could face “menacing driving” charges. Those who use the vehicle itself in a threatening way could be charged with “predatory driving”. However, the majority of these incidents go unreported.

John Hartley, Head of the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, told the Daily Telegraph that drivers needed to be aware of these laws. “Our advice is to ignore the aggression and don’t become aggressive yourself because you risk losing your licence or facing ­serious criminal charges”.

“Remember that as the driver it is your responsibility to stay patient”.

He suggested that many motorists feel too intimidated to report cases of road rage.

Have you experienced road rage? How has it affected you in the long run? What advice would you give to your fellow drivers?

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  1. We have a lot of angry people out there @ you have to wonder why. It does make you think twice about being on the road I hope you all calm down leave home a little earlier as it doesn’t pay to be in a hurry.

  2. A very long time ago – a character in a one-tonner overtook me and swung across to pull me over.
    Got out and put a fist through my open window. I was able to duck backwards and, as he returned to his vehicle and drove off, I took his rego number and later made a report to police.
    During the ensuing Court appearance (he was charged with assault) it was evident that he had mistaken my green car for an orange one, which he alleged had cut him off minutes earlier in a location where I hadn’t been.
    I just happened to get in his way – wrong place, wrong time. Some mothers have ’em.

  3. Yes. From both sides. Train people to drive. Don’t give em a book & say do that. TRAIN THEM. COMPLETELY. THOROUGHLY.

  4. There will be far less road rage if people know how to drive and obey the rules. I’m on the road as part of my job, all day, for more than 30 years. Running of red lights, turning left from the far right lane, doing more than 20 km / h less than the speed limit ( in the right lane), no indication, try to merge on the freeway at 60 km per hour, cutting across broad white solid lines, change lanes in the intersection……. The list is endless. That is our biggest problem and needs to be addressed, more than targeting speed only

    6 REPLY
    • Spot on! In Tasmania police have a habit of sitting a dinky little A-frame trailer beside the road which takes happy snaps of vehicles over the speed limit during daylight hours only That’s all those things do.
      Much more to road law enforcement than that.

    • Well said, I find when I am trying to merge lots of drivers actually speed up so I can’t merge where do they expect me to go, take flight!!!!! Then there are the others who then go crazy to pass u to be one car in front!!! Then on these cooler mornings don’t people think to perhaps wipe down there car so they can see out of the windows, I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garage but how in earth do these people see when all their windows have condensation on them??? Maybe I am just being picky sorry!!!!

    • To the Aussies come to South Africa and see what is driving like.The taxi drivers do what they want and if you sit on you hooter they are crazy enough to pull out a gun.Stop in the middle of the road to make a drop off or picking one up.

    • Ι agree with you lot of people the’r don’t know how to drive because it’s under the impression going slow it’s safe driving the are idiots

    • Where I live there is a 50klm zone past the shops. Nobody does the 50 though except me. P platers are the worst. If they had a speed camera there they could pay off the deficit of this country I’m sure!!

  5. Read what Isaac Newton wrote. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. He also stated that this statement in his theory can be applied to human behavior, however when someone does or says something that we dissagree with, don’t react badly, be nice! Eg: If someone cuts you off on the road, don’t get cranky and blow a fuse!

  6. Yes I had to drive to a police station when an aggressive pick up truck kept coming behind me threatening to shunt me years ago. The drivers in W.A. are very aggressive and drive like they are late for something all the time. When you really think about the type of people who are able to get a licence it makes more sense. No matter how many psych problems or lack of intelligence anyone has (many can barely read) they all end up behind the wheel.

  7. better drivers education for all….compulsory defensive driving courses (at a nonimal charge) tax the shit out of city 4 wheel drivers/cars as there are way too many driving these in & around the city…and i have heard people say…i’m in my big ass 4 wheel drive so they better stay out of my way….mainly too many people don’t know how to drive

  8. Yes my pregnant daughter and I where waving to my son and this woman took offence and chased us for at least five klms so we pulled up and I got out she called me ever name under the sun my little girl was cry I thought my pregnant older daughter would go into labor and her car was over loaded with little kids of her own and the language that came out of their mouths oh gosh never heard before so then I got my phone out took photo of her and rego she told me in no certain terms where to go and drove if kids hanging out windows giving me the forks charming family. Police knew her well.

  9. I agree with Raymond Peddell, maybe this guy is driving on the wrong side of the road, hmmm no wonder .

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