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You may or may not have heard rumblings, but since America’s vote to legalise gay marriage, there has been talk about whether it would open the doors for polygamy.

While it’s unlikely that polygamy will become legal whether in Australia or abroad, it is fascinating to look into the polygamist lifestyle.

And according to a recent survey, the majority of us think it is unacceptable to be a polygamist.

The Gallup poll surveyed over 1,000 people between 18 and 80 and found that adultery was wrong to 92 per cent of respondents, regardless of age.

But views on polygamy are changing slowly, with their levels of moral acceptability doubling since 2003.

Gallup’s Values and Beliefs poll found that seniors 65 and older, didn’t approve of suicide, polygamy, cloning, adultery and pornography.

The Gallup survey is based on telephone interviews conducted May 6-10, with a random sample of 1,024 adults nationwide. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Starts at 60 expert, Dr Ely Lazar, told us “Some years ago, a gentleman (we’ll call him Ray) came into the office. Ray’s wife had died many years before. He had a good relationship with his children and grandchildren and was fit and healthy. He also had an active social life—with two ladies. He spent time with June on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and with Maddy on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday was his golf day. Both ladies knew of one another and were quite comfortable sharing the delights of being with Ray.

The reality is that women outlive men, consequently in some senior communities the ratio of women to men is two or three to one. Unless there is some sharing of partners, there will be women that are missing out”.


So we want to know today – do you think having multiple partners at once is immoral? Or should a person be free to do as they wish without judgement?

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  1. If the people involved are in agreement,it is their business,as long as an undue strain is not put on any government agency as to support of multiple partners.

  2. Polygamy is not usually both partners having many partners, it is usually males having more than one . If it is equal choice then people may live their lives as they wish. But if it is one sex having more partners but the other not allowed to then something is wrong in this oppressive state.
    Me I choose one partner he’s more than enough for me!

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    • Yes , I agree it would send women back many many years , and imagine the sleeping arrangements ! He is checking oil in a different engine every night then comes to you ! No thanks I don’t want what she has .

    • Polygamy is a man with more than one wife; polyandry is a woman with more than one husband.

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      • I do not have a problem with a man having many wives.
        I do draw the line when each of them are on benefits.
        Just think about it people a man with five wifes and there is three children to each wife. How much welfare are they getting???

  3. Even this gay marriages ” law” is absurd. It’s really about those who don’t buy into the gay world being forced to shut up and do what they say…the gays of Oregon just sued a young couple into bankruptcy as they would not take the order to bake a gay wedding cake. The gay couple got compensation for stress and hurt. The bakery was shut down. That’s what this law is about- no more freedom in America!!!!

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  4. I don’t want one partner let alone more than one, I can’t see it ever being accepted here

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