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We work hard to make Starts at 60 the most active, lively and engaging place for over 60s on the internet and we don’t ask for much in return. It costs you nothing to use our site, and we want it to stay that way forever. So today we ask you to help us instead by filling out our survey so we know more about you and bring you more of what you want.

There is surprisingly little data in the world on what an online-savvy 60-year-old wants out of life or media. From working with you for two years we know you are very different to how people perceive you, but we want more than anecdotal insight to make sure we’re doing the best we can, for you, the real, lively, energetic over 60.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and it is the best way you could possibly repay us for being here every day for you.

And if you complete the survey you will go in the draw to win a two-night mystery escape including flights and accommodation, provided by our partners, Escape Travel.

Thanks in advance for your help in making Starts at 60 the best place for over 60s online!

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  1. I would have preferred more Other options, or a place to comment at the end. The questions about work and retirement don’t fit my circumstances (and possibly those of others in a similar position). I am 67 and was forced to retire at the end of last year to become carer for my husband who was diagnosed with a terminal illness late last year.

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  2. Got to 91% completed then it froze. Just feel I wasted a good 20 minutes that I won’t get back. Such a shame!

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    • Hi Jenny Dorsett, we’re so sorry that you had technical difficulties! We’ve passed this onto our web development team to look into – thank you for letting us know!

    • Also the rankings didn’t work – what a waste of a very good survey! Please let your web development team know – evidently by comments below I am not the only one! Such a shame! Won’t be doing the survey again as it will be another 20-25 minutes wasted! Pity – could have won a decent prize!

  3. I was unable to complete as it froze at the end.

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  4. And then I’d get contacted by companies trying to sell me things. Sorry but I’ve been caught before and don’t feel like repeating the experience. Watch out everybody. They will sell you on!

    10 REPLY
    • Hi Jane, we are not providing your personal information and contact details to other parties! We are conducting this survey to show what an average “over 60” looks like – when we speak on TV they tape over pictures of nursing homes with 90+ year olds – nothing like our active and lively community! We’re trying to change the perception and get the media to understand who baby boomers are 🙂

    • Thanks for that. However, what is the need for so much information re cars for example, where we are being asked to provide information about when we intend to buy a new one. Likewise , technology, TV providers etc. I can go on. I completed a very similar survey for Telstra I think and then got deluged by telemarketers. Also, why do you need a breakdown of our investments and monetary worth? A general question about work or retirement should be enough. Why do you need to know whether I have a financial advisor to distinguish me from a geriatric ninety year old? Look I get it that you need advertisers to keep the site going. I’ve learnt to ignore the ‘retirement living’ posts that are promotions for retirement villages etc etc. That’s my opinion anyway. Just by reading the responses to some of your posts and I can give you a fair background of your readership.

    • I thought the same thing. Got half way thru it. And thought. To much info asked
      Did not finish it.
      Did they ask for name & address. ???if not l may return and do it again. But not if the ask for address.

    • i got right through to question 11 of 12 & it would not go to final page so I could not complete it. They did not ask any personal questions.

    • I asked who they were selling the info to yesterday and my post was blanked out.
      I worked for Roy Morgans and we never had such personal demanding questions.

    • I also got halfway through and when I didn’t answer the question about income, I wasn’t able to proceed. Most surveys at least give the option to answer ‘do not wish to answer this question.’

  5. I was taking the survey but not happy with all the questions relating to finances, could not see where all that information was necessary. Being a little too nosey for my liking so stopped.

  6. Couldn’t access the ranking for some of the questions where required to rank in preference. Also I do hope I am not going to be bombarded by people trying to sell me products like financial plans, insurance etc now they have my email and phone number.

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