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This week, community member Sally wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

“I was a bad girl when I was younger and used olive oil to tan. Now, I’ve had 8 skin cancers cut out and am terrified I am causing more damage every time I go in the sun. Does anyone know what products can provide extra protection in your 60s? I’m thinking not just creams and sprays but also products like umbrellas or hats as I live near the beach and don’t want to move”.

Can you help her? What is your advice?

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  1. please be careful of your skin in the sun, I have had so many malignant skin cancer cut out I have lost count. On my face, my back, my upper chest, my arms , my hand, my foot and my legs and the skin specialist told me he is getting many more Olive skinned patients and Asians than he was seeing 10 years ago

  2. Dont use any type of sunscreens as they wont protect you and have been known to cause cancer. I use a small amount of coconut oil before i go out and wear a wide brimmed hat.

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    • The coconut oil I use now is totally different, it’s organic, nothing added and I also take a tablespoon per day, it’s great stuff for a lot of problems, I also make a natural deodorant from coconut oil, baking soda and a pure oil.

    • I hope its not the same as what I used in my teens. I thinks the odds are longer if you use a proper sunscreen

    • No the coconut oil that was around in the 60s was a tanning oil, it wasn’t a sunscreen. The coconut oil that is the latest health thing now, is white and is a pure oil with nothing added. It comes solid and is very easy to melt.

    • Brenda Mayhew
      That advice is so wrong.
      Can you show reputable studies and medical proof that sunscreens cause cancer????

    • Sunscreen is the only protection and I always wear a hat as know of a lot of elderly who have skin cancers on there heads.

    • There is a book called toxic beauty and in there quite a lot of information how sun screens don’t protect and can cause breast cancer. There is a also a NZ natural medicine mag which you can get in Aussie and is very informative on all health concerns.

    • I don’t use sun screen never have but i’m careful. Wear long sleeves etc even in summer. Careful when I go out and walk in shade. So far no breakouts. Touch wood. Have a check every year.

    • Brenda I think that is not good advice! Taking the oil or rubbing it in, is not going to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Yes coconut oil is the good oil that is being hailed today. But please people continue to use sun screen. Melanoma can kill you as it has killed many people up to now!!

    • Brenda you have not given us reputable and medical proof that sunscreens cause cancer! You have given us titles of book and a magazine. Not scientific proof I’m afraid. We really can’t believe everything that is written!

    • I watched a program last year on ABC which proved there are many cancer causing substances in sunscreen, what goes on your skin is absorbed by your skin, wear a hat and cover up.

    • Oil any oil will burn because oil heats up and cooks. How wrong this advice is. Makes no difference what sort of oil.

    • Coconut oil moisturises and protects the skin. It is not recommended as a sunscreen if you spend a long time in the sun. Skin cancer is a metabolic issue so not everyone who spends time In the sun will get cancer, A lot of things have to go wrong at the same time for cancer to develop. Iodine and selenium deficiency are widespread and more than likely contribute to disease and cancer.

    • I too use oil, coconut, virgin olive oil to moisture my skin, but still use sunscreen when outsides for prolong periods, meaning half hour or more. I have had one skin cancer removed which was a tag, on the upper underside of my arm caused by shirts rubbing against this tag. No other cancers but do have a yearly check up just in case.

    • I have heard of that as well Brenda. Ppl must do deep & varied research & do not shut their minds to cutting edge “alternative” opinions.

    • Totally agree Bronwen, people should educate themselves and dont believe what the so called medical experts tell us, i just found out that the cancer society own the mammagram machines, they have a vested interest in keeping as sick, its all about money not curing people. My hubby and I havent been near a doctor for years, I believe in looking afterself, with diet etc.

  3. The cancer council have a good range of sun protection products at a really reasonable price

  4. I don’t go into the sun for long enough to worry. I always look for the shade and if I need to weed in the garden I will move around with the shade.

  5. Every day use 30+ or higher sunscreen….EVERY DAY. Sunscreen is also a moisturiser and helps with wrinkles as well. If you find the sunscreen is heavy to apply use moisturiser first. I have recently retired from a skin cancer clinic as a surgical nurse so I have seen a lot of skin cancer.

  6. I think you have to be unlucky. I used to use coconut oil on my freckled skin but then when I was in my twenties I saw the light and have used decent Sun screen ever since. I am now in my mid 60s and have had no problems. My sister on the other hand who is in her late 60s never bothered using anything for years has had numerous skin cancers cut out

  7. I don’t think we were “bad”. We didn’t know we were damaging our skin. I used to drench my skin in oil,too,and lie for hours in the sun during school holidays. I have,however, been very lucky and have n’t had any sign of skin cancer or even keratosis.

  8. A lot of Nutrimetics Day creams and Foundations contain SPF, also have an excellent sunscreen. Go to the Nutrimetics page and look for a Consultant near you. They will connect you with a Consultant at Manager level who is trained to recommend the best product for you. I’d be happy to do this from where I am but I’d need to see your skin to recommend which Skin care product would be best for you and what tone in a foundation is best for you and a local Manager will be able to do this. Good luck. We were all naughty in our youth because we didn’t know any better. Thank goodness we can now protect our children and grandchildren to a better degree.

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    • Another company that sell safe with no nasties in their products is Neways, they can be found on line.

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