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Community member Cheryl wrote to us this week asking for advice:

My elderly mother is on aged pension and I am without income at moment, and we are in the process of selling one house and buying another. We need to obtain insurance for the house only. I went on website for over 60s, completed the application for the quote, only to be told they couldn’t help me. So where does one go now? Back to the sharks?

Do you have an answer for Cheryl? Have you been in this situation? What insurance companies should Cheryl contact? Tell us below.

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  1. I have contents and car insurance through APIA and they are great. I have had 2 claims through the house one, and had my car written off 2 years ago, and they paid out in a week, no questions asked. I think the fact the accident wasn’t my fault helped as well

  2. I have found the so-called over 60’s insurance companies are sharks in the same waters as all the others. I have been with GIO for many years – they are not the cheapest, but they have never questioned my claims and one of them was for a very significant repair. A friend of mine says the same about the NRMA.

  3. I have been with Vero Insurance for years they have been excellent with claims and changing my different policies. Also getting me the best deal. They are part of Bank of Qld. Please go to them.

  4. We have always dealt with NRMA and just a phone call to one of their friendly staff might help you in the right direction.Best of luck.

  5. Your income shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to buying insurance. RAA should be able to help, I was with SGIC for years without issues but recently they were taken over by NRMA and have heard too many horror stories about them so changed to RAA. If you go to google and type in house insurance reviews it will give you a large amount of reviews for different insurance companies etc. btw when I was researching which company to move to not a single one asked about my income.

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