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This week Jen wrote into Starts at 60, asking for some community advice,

“Just thought I would put this question out there: My husband is ill but not enough for me to get a carers allowance and give up work. He needs only to have someone around incase of falling or breathing issues. Should I retire and go on Newstart or should I retire and go back to studying online? My super is not enough to live on. Any thoughts?”

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  1. Hard decision, first, does he have a Medical call facility? that is most necessary should he fall or have problems breathing when you are not at home. Is he able to get a support package through the Govt? It does not mean he would have someone with him 24/7 but you would still be able to work & pay. Unless he is so bad that you feel he can’t be left alone I would hesitate to retire. Find out what your Community has to offer.

  2. I think you need to talk to an independent financial advisor. I believe Centrelink can offer you advice and you would know exactly where you stand with regards to assistance. All the best.

  3. It is a dilemma isn’t it. Have you thought of getting one of those pendants that we can wear all the time and should he have a fall or need help all he has to do is press the button. (It’s even waterproof and can be worn in the shower>) The one I had for my husband was set to contact me first, if I wasn’t available then my son and if he wasn’t able to come it then called an ambulance. Wonderful service, reassuring for both my husband at home and for me when I wasn’t there. There are several available check them all out and select the one that meets your needs and is the most cost effective. I have more ideas but here is one ideas that may be useful to start with.

  4. Such a tough call….but I agree with Lou Bainger….unless he is so bad that you feel he can’t be left alone don’t retire. How does leaving him on his own make you feel? Does it sit right with you? Is being there for him more important than going to work? Only you can answer these questions.

  5. Becoming a carer becomes a full time, 24/7 position. Not just a walk in the park. Think hard. Ask questions

  6. Good advice from everyone. My Mum had one of those call pendants. They’re not to be taken off – even for a shower, so they’re always there handy for your husband if he needs to call someone. As some have said, if continuing to work sits right with you husband and yourself, then don’t retire. It might sound a bit harsh, but staying in your job will also give you some respite.

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