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This week Lynda wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

“I am wondering if anyone has been on a UK Infinity Tour (run by Insight Tours) or knows anything about them?”

Do you have an answer for Lynda? Share it below. Or do you have your own question you want to ask the community? Send us a message on Facebook!

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  1. Joanna Williams have you heard of Infinity or Insight tours? Do you know anything about them? Any reviews or feedback? Thanks.

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  2. Travelled last year, went to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, had a fab time, highly recommend them , our Tour Leader & bus driver were excellent, heaps of local gossip & facts, very informative. Xo

  3. Haven’t heard of Infinity tours. Travelled for 10 weeks through Britain and Europe wih Insight last year. 2 separate tours both with brilliant tour directors and drivers .

  4. Infinity is apparently a Qantas co-op. Insight are great. Have done 3,with them and excellent all the way. Look at the website for further confirm. Travel, enjoy, and share. Enjoy

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