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This week Tonia wrote in, asking for some community advice…


I have just been unfriended by my granddaughter. Just how far is it acceptable to go when our grandchildren are involved? A photo of my great grandie sitting on the beach in the hot sun was posted to Facebook. That is beautiful, however, he didn’t have a hat on and I carefully said he should have a hat on in the hot sun.

That’s what started it, and because I was believed to be “telling my granddaughter how to be a mother”, I got deleted. I don’t think I overstepped the line but I would like to know what other grandmothers think. This is not the first time she has deleted me and I would like to know how far others would go giving their opinion in cases like this“.


Can you help Tonia? What would you do in this situation and how would you rectify it? Share your answers below.

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  1. my granddaughter unfriended me after i gave her fifty dollars for her birthday……i wont get caught again

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  2. From some of the things I see on Facebook that young people write to each other, they probably feel it’s best that Grandma doesn’t see it. She’d be too horrified.

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    • Not horrified, hahaha I just find it boring but, that’s self absorbed teens for you.. Hahaha “It too shall pass.!” .(Y)

    • I have 2 grand daughters and they don’t want me as a friend on here but I bet they have their nana as a friend.. one don’t like me at all…. I have done nothing wrong to her …

  3. I was unfriended ages ago by my grand-daughter – so was her mum! Lorraine, kids don’t want us olds seeing what they are up to. Loosen up – enjoy her for who she is and don’t expect blind loyalty. I still cough up at birthday time and Christmas with money. Grandson will be the next one to unfriend me – then comes my third and last grandchild in a couple of years! It is to be expected and no big deal.

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  4. I actually unfriended my grandson when he was 14 because I felt I didn’t want to know what he was posting etc, he is now almost 17 and we are now friends in Facebook again, it’s just those couple of years that are difficult, don’t take it personally they will be back

  5. Childish behaviour. Saw it in the playground so many times……….well I won’t be your friend any more. ……..this starts as early as kindergarten. Sounds like someone’s stuck in a time warp.

  6. Simply ignore her including special occasions, gifts and pledges in your will. She is simply not worth you upsetting yourself over. Lavish your time on the rest of the family, maybe she will notice and sit down and have a long hard think one day, and maybe not.

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    • That’s a horrible suggestion….family is more important than being Facebook friends…..sweat the big stuff…

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      • Agree totally Sue, build a bridge etc

  7. You have to keep out of their lives Grandma! I unfriended one of mine ( by accident,) and she went off crook, however, they have me as a friend but…..they put me on “LIMITED ACCESS,” so….I only see what “THEY,” want me to see. Hahaha. Quiet happy with that. Now I don’t get bombarded with their teenage nonsense which, can be very tiring. Now I just get their “SELFIES,”!!!!!!!! Hahaha.. (Y)

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    • I do this also and block the grandkids out of what I don’t want them to see on my posts lol

    • yes mine had told me off once, it kinda hurt, cos it was so trivial and I soon got over it anyway… I wasnt unfriended but told the do’;s and dont’s though, so I walk the line he hehe

  8. probably a good idea not to be ‘friends’ with family….can get too personal and everyone needs ‘secrets…….no offence at all if i am unfriended

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    • Secrets on Facebook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. If you want to make a comment, sometimes it’s best to make it though inbox or private message. That way it stays private and all their friends don’t see it.

  10. Ps….Grandparents….We have to remember that…THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THEM!! (Y) 😀 Hahaha B|

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    • Yes I think we are all forgetting that. This generation think it’s all about them. So don’t be upset. Let it be in their own minds. And who really wants to read the drivel they write

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