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This week, community member Tilda wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately and absolutely nothing is working. I’ve taken the tablets, the herbal medicines and teas, but nothing works. I’m going crazy! Help!

Have you got any tips for Tilda that could help her get to sleep? Do you have problems sleeping or perhaps getting back to sleep?

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  1. Don’t watch or engage in anything too mentally stimulating for 1 hr. Before bed. Have routine of slowing down and mentally settling yourself – tomorrow is another day. For a while have a milo or milk with honey. Once in bed and settled do the breathing of in for 4, hold for 6 seconds, out for 8 seconds – do this a couple of times. Helps me and hope some or all of it helps.s

  2. When settled put tongue at back of teeth,breath in counting to four,breath out slowly counting to six or eight,just think of your breathing & counting.hope it helps ❤

  3. Tilda, establish a regular bedtime and prepare your mind for sleep. Spray a little lavender around and meditate – think of things you can be thankful for in your life and relax your body.

  4. This helps meTilda; when I go to bed I consciously tighten every muscle until my whole body is tense. Then starting at the toes, I let them relax, then the foot, the ankles the calves, thighs etc, each time telling myself they are relaxed and heavy and I’m so relaxed I’m sinking into the bed. Move through the body relaxing each area as you go.

    Also, the bed is for sleeping, not reading, not answering facebook, not watching TV. If you want to do any of these things, you must get up and go into the lounge room. Using these rules I’ve trained myself to sleep most nights. On those nights when it doesn’t work, I get up and do something rather than toss and turn. Hope this helps.

  5. I was always sleeping bad til I started taking magnesium powder.


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