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Do you believe that we should stand up for the environment and our nations assets at all cost?  Are you willing to fight for what we leave for our grandchildren in this country?  

Alan Jones is, standing up for an important cause today, fronting a battle against the Government on environmental legislation changes that look to affect the ability of community members to slow or stop mining developments in important environment areas.  And we want your thoughts.  Are you worried about a constant creeping of laws that protect our environmental heritage and natural assets like the Barrier Reef and the Liverpool Plains  

The legislation which has been introduced to parliament as the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Standing) Bill 2015 will restrict the legal rights of protection over important national assets in our natural arena, limiting the ability for communities to challenge government decisions.  That is, us ordinary people won’t be able to challenge government environmental approvals unless they directly affect us and we can prove we are directly aggrieved by a mining project.  

Alan Jones has faced this ad, and it will apparently make it to air on the SBS with the right support.  How do you feel about the government making such changes without scrutiny?


“One voice, one Planet – if we do not save what we have for our Grandchildren ‘the fruit of our success will be ashes in our mouths,'” said one member of the commenting viewer base on the ad, paraphrasing JFK.

“We can not eat coal. If the fish habitat that has been there for thousands of years is destroyed by
a major oil spill or contaminated by coal dust from a sunk tanker – who will feed your children then? The Politicians? They will be long gone, with their families – but to where. We only have this one blue jewel of a planet, hanging in the darkness of space.
The Great Barrier Reef is so huge it is easily seen from space.”

The Lock The Gate Alliance are behind a movement to disrupt this legislation and have this ad with Alan Jones seen on SBS this week.  Do you think it should be disrupted? 

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. Nothing will change while we have these money grabbing politicians in all 3 levels of government.

  2. Hypocritical prick. I wouldn’t do anything with Jones except remove him from radio.

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    • Yes, he never uttered a word against the government until CSG mining in the Southern Highlands was mentioned. Suddenly their actions affected him and he didn’t like it

  3. I’m still reeling from the fact that Jones is criticizing the government. He’s right though, and this government care for nothing except the almighty dollar. There’s something wrong in their heads, they all have kids who presumbly will have kids, once these heritage listed sites are gone they’re gone

  4. Well you all realize, that a whale could now walk on land and swallow us all ? sound far fetched?.. you bet but If Jones is on the Government case, then it is a bad Government and anything is possible. Jones is Liberal to the core

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    • This man is a total right wing basher I can’t stand him. My only thought about why he is possible speaking out against the liberals is because he must own land around where mining is going to happen.

    • Funny how he couldn’t care less about the other 26 million Aussies but when it affects him he’s up in arms. He’s so transparent

    • Here is the sky news latest haha, Tony Abbott denied anyone has asked him to remove Hockey but according to Sky News, Julia Bishop had a face to face talk to Abbott about removing Hockey late last year, only one person could have leaked that Julia Bishop !!!!

    • Asbestos just side-stepped the question on Sunrise, saying it was a Fairfax article and that Hockey was doing a good job considering the debt that, wait for it, ……………………………..Labor left them

    • I took my temp this morning as I thought I was coming down with something. I actually agreed with him. Hope there isn’t a hidden agenda?

    • After reading all comments…….there is!! I just wish they’d all take a boat to LNP Nirvana!!

    • Spot on but he gas had a platform for the environment against the government for a while, on any other issue I wouldn’t trust him

  5. I may not be immediately affected but if Australia’s natural wonders are damaged beyond repair because of this changed legislation then I will lose the ability of going to see these beautiful places and my children and their children and their children will be affected in numerous ways. Leave this legislation as is

  6. The mining of the Liverpool Plains, is not in my best interest, not in the Liverpool Plains farming communities best interest and not in the best interest of the state or Australia. And don’t go on a out all the jobs it will create, because that’s another lie

  7. He has found another cause to pursue so some people will listen to him. He may be genuine but he will set the environmental cause back with his bias and misinformation

  8. If only those who are directly affected by a mining proposal can object that really limits it to landowners and if close, a town. This would mean the scientists who wish to object as they can see problems with possible water contamination or some other environmental issue can’t. This is another attempt by the Abbott government to attack any opposition. Contamination from mining can have impacts beyond just locally with rivers carrying it further afield. I too find it rather ironic that Alan Jones only had an issue with this when it looks likely to impact him.

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    • Considering the majority of these mines are in rural or semi-rural locations with low population, you can just hear them saying there were only a few against it can’t you

    • What ever you think about Alan jones he has it right we only have one planet it’s our responsibility to look after it we arn’t doing such a good job at the moment but we have to speak out about this and not let the government ride rough shod over us

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