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Having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys. Seeing them grow up is everything you dream of and more, but it’s those first precious moments that took you by surprise.

Not only was your baby learning about the world, but you were learning about how to be a good mum or dad, and how to carefully bathe, bed and feed them.

In the 70s and 80s we weren’t afforded all the luxuries of modern parenting – we had to do the hard yards without baby monitors on iPads and electronic baby swings!

Here’s the things we remember so fondly. What else would you add?

Prenatal classes


weight in

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Image: KaiserPermanente


Bronzed baby shoes





Bathing in the sink



Cloth nappies



Nappy pins


Plastic nappy


Washing nappies in the twin tubtwintub

Kids building blocks

building blocks

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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.19.15 PM


Sippy cups

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.18.44 PM


Car seat


Sewing patternssimplicity







High chairhighchair

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  1. The good old days where babies were dressed like babies in bonnets bootees and little jackets all hand knitted usually by grandma

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    • i have a grandaughter that i have custody she is 7 and she had all the beautiful hand knitted clothes she looked wonderful as a baby

    • I hand knitted for my Grandson and now we have a Grandaughter too I’ll be busy for a while.
      Love that my daughter actually uses all my hand knits too.

    • My 5 year old grandson wore the same jacket booties and bonnet home from hospital and to his dedication that his mother wore when she left hospital and wore at her christening. My mother knitted and embroidered the set and it is a wonderful keepsake.

  2. I cringe every time I see a little baby out in the cold weather without a hat on – saw one recently on a day when the maximum was 14 degrees and it didn’t have a hat on or even any foot covering. I won’t say what Mum looked like – suffice to see I felt so sorry for the baby and wondered about it’s future.

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  3. Thank goodness for progress.

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    • I don’t think there’s much progress. We have gone from cotton nappies to plastic ones, rubber dummies to plastic ones, fresh food to processed food an plastic containers, fresh cow’s milk in glass bottles to protein powder in plastic bottles – no wonder babies get so many allergies these days. I feel upset for new Mums.

    • It’s what they call it but I don’t know that it’s better now.wouldnt really call it progress

    • It’s what they call it but I don’t know that it’s better now.wouldnt really call it progress

  4. All those dangerous pieces of equipment how did we survive. I remember using the laundry trough to bath babies a few times, the sink wasn’t big enough. The best thing I was told for a teething baby was a rib bone from the roast. Beef rib roasts were a bit out of our budget so not often available but I had to admit nothing worked better. Toys were quiet then to, our kids had to vroom and choo choo. Our only grandchild just turned one and every toy sung, buzzed and whirred, almost impossible to get anything much for that aged child that didn’t.

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  5. Bathed my children and now my grandchildren in the sink. Used a very cold wash cloth for teething.

  6. I’ve bathed the baby grandkids in the laundry tub quite a few times!!! Great height & they loved it!!

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