1978: Iconic disco anthem dominates Billboard charts 6



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As the third track to be released by this band, it’s almost freaky how popular this song became.

Released in 1978, it is one of the best selling disco records of all time.

The record went platinum seven times across three different continents and skyrocketed its way into the Billboard charts. It reached the number one position in charts throughout Canada, the U.S, South Africa and New Zealand.

The group, originally comprised of five members, wrote the song with lyrics telling security bouncers at nightclubs to get lost.

Do you know what track this is? Care to guess?



Listen to ‘Le Freak’ by Chic below


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  1. Lauren Cåtchlove Daisy Catterall this was one of my favourite disco tracks when Jan and I used to go to the Hilton disco in Sydney (between marriages)!!

  2. Yes it was a great song but your dates are wrong as I was dancing to it early 1977 at chequers in Sydney before I retired to move to Canberra late June of that year but it was definitely being played before 1978 in discos

  3. I ran a disco in the late 70’s and this tune brought back memories of that. It was very popular and I always thought it was computer music backing to the vocals, nice to see the original.

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