More holiday snaps: Princess Mary splashes around in Byron Bay 44



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Proving that you can take the girl outta Australia, but you can’t take Australia outta the girl, Princess Mary of Denmark has well and truly settled into a holiday pace.

These latest snaps capture the royal kicking back in Byron Bay, relaxing on the beach with friends, taking a surf and even doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Princess Mary has enjoyed a very relaxing time in Australia, with a reprieve from intense media scrutiny. She has been able to show her children the beach and her hometown, whilst looking like just another face in the crowd.

Do you think Princess Mary is more relaxed in Australia? Isn’t is great that she can let her hair down?

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  1. I was lucky enough to visit Copenhagen several years ago. Crown Princess Mary is well loved by the Danish public if the magazines are anything to go by.

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  2. Nice to see princess Mary relaxing and showing her children her home country.
    Sad that the sticky nose reporters put their beaks in where they shouldn’t be. Families have rifts and spatts all the time even close ones. Just because your brother or sister marries a Royal doesn’t mean that you have to go everywhere with them
    Princess Mary took on a full time job when she married her Prince. She would not always be available to travel with her family Her calendar is written up sometimes advance.
    I am sure her siblings know this. How many families go on holiday with their siblings when they get married Very few.How many families see their families each year.? Often families don’t meet unless there is a wedding or a funeral. Unfortunately instead of.reporters reporting about Marys charity work they try to cause family troubles for her.
    Enjoy your holiday Princess Mary you deserve a good break

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  3. My friends in Denmark love Princess Mary, where I stayed in Copenhagen in 2013 I could walk to the palace where she lives. Go Mary, you are a credit to our country

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