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On the one hand, they put you in the picture with your loved ones. On the other, they pose a safety risk and can irritate people around you.

And for this reason one of the world’s most popular tourist spots is saying “leave them at home”.

We’re talking about selfie sticks, of course, the telescopic poles that have enables us all to grin maniacally from hot spots all over the world.

But from today on, the sticks are banned at all Disney theme parks around the world, despite being the top-rated places to snap a selfie.

The ban is citing safety concerns as the reason for the ban.

Frommers reports that just last week, a tourist at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim pulled out a selfie stick while riding a looping roller coaster, putting himself and other passengers in danger.

And while you can’t help stupid, you can protect other people from it, hence the outright ban.

Disneyland, Disney World and all other Disney Parks have joined most of the world’s greatest museums and galleries in banning the selfie stick, along with sporting venues, which largely chose to do so because they can be downright annoying.

If you’ve ever craned your neck to see something spectacular because the person in front of you – who has their back to the view – is brandishing a pole with a phone at the end of it, you’ll know why they’re often known as “selfish sticks”

Disney features twice in the top ten places to take a selfie around the world according to the Daily Mail:

  1. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  2. Disney World, Florida
  3. Burj Khalifa, Dubai
  4. Big Ben, London
  5. Empire State Building, New York
  6. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
  7. Disneyland Paris
  8. Colosseum, Rome
  9. Top of the Rock, New York
  10. London Bridge

Tell us, are you a selfie stick fan? Do you think banning them in popular tourist spots is a good idea? 

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  1. I have never actually seen anyone using one. If they are banned there must be a reason for it.
    I find it distracting watching a performance where people are holding their phones up filming.
    I went to a Sting concert and the woman in front if me was holding her phone up directly in my line of sight. She was fine when I asked her to please move or stop filming. Some people arent so nice.
    Why not relax and enjoy the concert?

  2. When we were overseas every second person was trying to sell us one /or more , now we are home I wish I had bought one .

  3. When we were overseas this year with our friends his selfie stick helped produce some magical shots of the four of us – go the selfie stick!

  4. Nothing wrong with a selfie stick. Certainly not worse than someone in front of you using an ipad to video.

  5. Yay! Great move. There is a time and a place for everything. Crowded public places, or events such as concerts or fireworks displays are not the place for selfie sticks.

  6. We saw them in HK last year and thought no another gadget! Now our friends just got us one! Asians particularly won’t survive without them! They are the ‘in’ thing and make photography fun!

  7. Why ban them, what is wrong with them, they are no different to tapping someone on the shoulder and saying “would you take a picture of us please” now are they. If anything they are better cos then nobody can do a runner with your camera. I have no problem with them all.

  8. Some could think they are used to invade privacy and probably a minority would used them for this purpose.

  9. We were at the Sistine Chapel in May and a women there nearly caused some major injuries. She was waving it around without any consideration for other people. In places like that with so many people in confined spaces, they should be banned.

    6 REPLY
    • I agree Kerry – so many people in very confined tourist attractions with selfie-sticks. They should be banned. Also you cannot take them into Yankee Stadium or Chase Field

    • Unfortunately some people don’t think the rules apply to them. You also have to go through the Vatican museums to get to the chapel. You are allowed to take photos in there, but that causes chaos as well.

    • Kerry I was in the Sistine Chapel in May 2012 and all photography was banned there. They didn’t even like people talking.

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