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The popstar of the Gen Xers’ youth, and the cultural misnomer of the baby boomers, Madonna at 57-years-old has released her next video for the song “Bitch I’m Madonna” dressed in clothes most would judge as not exactly graceful. Leopard dress, gold teeth, pink hair the whole shebang! She looks 27! Not a day older! But why should she do it gracefully? When has Madonna been graceful?

Madonna has been pointing out for decades that her age is not going to slow her down and in a major New York Times piece this week, her crusade against age discrimination is the hot topic.

She’s called detractors “jealous bitches” on Instagram, and accused people of being envious of her.  Perhaps we are… Have you stopped to consider whether her fountain of youth is in fact the reason people seem to dislike her so much across this generation of baby boomer?madonna bitch

The internet is not all that kind to Madonna these days. A quick scan of Twitter hashtags and commentary shows a whole lot of people casting persuasion about her age and as the New York Times calls it…  “her febrile determination to be the world’s youngest, raunchiest 56-year-old”.

 “It’s relentless: the awkward onstage kiss with Drake, the topless shot in Interview magazine, the strenuous demonstrations of libido. Alongside an Instagrammed photo of the male model Andrea Denver, she wrote “8 pac! Hell to the Yeah!” (This was followed by three heart emojis and a thumbs up.)”

There’s lots of people passing judgement on her clothes, her music, her health and fitness, and even her skin, which let’s be honest, looks pretty darned good. There’s no doubting it, she’s a popstar… and she wants to stay one and that means the parental generation of the people she is targeting with her message will probably not like her – isn’t that her job…. to appeal to the rebel in the youth by polarising their parents?

And whilst a whole lot of people don’t like her, fact is, she’s at the top of her game. In fact Billboard just called her out as having the most number ones of any artist on the Billboard charts in history – 45 number ones!

Fuck Yeah! #bitchimmadonna

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Let’s face it, what Madonna has got going on at 57 years gives us all great entertainment, even if we don’t really want to watch! She is the fountain of eternal “trying to be” youth.  We may as well watch on in awe.

No caption necessary ……….@coachella. #bestnight #bigasmadonna #bitchimmadonna

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Love the head lines! lol Let me help you make all your moves Hotter! @cosmopolitan A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

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  1. Go girl, do , wear and act as you feel. Your are looking great. Jealously is a cute. I hate when society put a number on being yourself.

  2. It is pretty obvious I think she has a problem with aging, you have to feel sorry for her because no matter how much surgery she has, she will still age like the rest of us

  3. I actually love it. She’s an entertainer & has always been controversial. I think this is tame to what she usually does.

  4. Well she can still perform and people still pay big money to see her so I can’t see a problem here! Just look at Mick Jagger, still strutting around isn’t he 70 years old?

  5. Good for her! I think she looks amazing – none of us seem to comment on the daggy old Cliff Richard, the Rolling Stones and all the other 50 -60’s blokes who keep on keeping on, despite the fact they can’t hit a lot of the notes any more and have either had plastic surgery or look like Shar Pei puppies with all the wrinkles! And if it gets her the publicity she wants, a double bonus! I’m just disappointed she’s not coming to my home town next tour – I’d be going!

  6. Not going to say anything bad about her age because quite frankly I wish I had her energy and get up and go. She has always been recreating herself so why not now. Nothing wrong with the new image but that song and video are, in a word, crap.

  7. Yes she still puts on a good show. So many high profile singers in this clip all showing they support her. Totally agree with Heidrun, not many snitty comments about Jagger strutting his stuff so why should it be different for Madonna, she’s well younger than him?

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