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Someone in NSW has won a multi-million dollar home on the Gold Coast and they have yet to come forward to claim their prize.

The beautiful home on the beach at Currumbin is worth $3.3 million yet it seems nobody wants it!

The mystery winner entered into a RSL Art Union fundraising raffle and is a VIP-member. They are believed to live in Bonnyrigg and spent $100 on the winning ticket.

Not only does this man, called Mr Parker (pseudonym) have a beach house waiting for him, he also has $135,000 worth of gold, plus $4515 worth of gifts.

So what is he missing out on? The Currumbin home has ocean views on the beachfront and has been ready for its new owner since Christmas Day. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, as well as a spa, plus the potential for some very attractive rental income.

According to Luke Traini from the RSL Art Union, attempts to contact the winner have been unsuccessful and they will now need to hire a private investigator to find the lucky person, as they cannot redraw. Only after two years of concerted effort can the RSL redraw the prize.

Hopefully the winner can get the surprise of their life very soon!




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What would you do if you won a beautiful big beach house like this one? Would you move in, sell or rent it? Tell us below.

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