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Here’s an astonishingly simple little trick from the “why on Earth didn’t I think of that?” department.

For those who like to keep bottled water ice cold – particularly those of us who enjoy long walks or hikes – it’s usually a matter of keeping bottles in the freezer overnight.

Of course, it can be a pain when waiting for it to melt. And even then, the ice will tend to block the bottle’s flow, making drinking a frustrating process.

Here’s a wonderful way around it: simply half-fill the bottle and store it on its side in the freezer.

The next morning you’ll have a handy block of ice that won’t clog up the bottleneck – allowing you to enjoy it straight away.

Simply fill the rest with room temperature water, and voila! Instant, long-lasting, ice-cold water that will get you through the day.

Do you freeze your water bottles? Have you tried this method? What other great little tricks have had you asking “why didn’t I think of that?”

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  1. My hubby has been doing this for years. The grandkids love it when we take them out in summer and we have ice cold water for them during the car drive home.

  2. I fill my water bottle quarter full and put in the freezer the night before.The next day fill up the bottle and presto you have ice cold water.I used to do this for my Bowls days so refreshing.

  3. Although I can’t read your article I think it could be something I have been doing for many years, because I can’t stand water unless it is very cold for me to drink, so I half fill the bottle and freeze over night next day just top up with water and it will stay cold for hours.

  4. I’ve been doing this for years. I fill 2/3 full, tilt to side, freeze, then top up and every time I have drunk the cold water, fill the bottle up again. I wrap a tea towel around the bottle to stop it sweating in my bag. Have very cold water for hours.

  5. My husband was a fencing contractor and worked in the heat all day, so we half filled large lemonade bottles are fruit juice bottles and added fridge cold water in the morning before he left. It would still be cold in his esky when he came home. On really stinking hot days they would start work at 5am, work until lunch time then knock off.

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