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Fruit is so delicious and we’re lucky at this time of year too – all the amazingly sweet fruits are in season. But did you know that they have benefits other than tasting great and curbing those hunger pangs?

Here’s the secrets behind our favourite fruits:


Help calm your nervous system


Relax your blood vessels


Rich in potassium, fluoride and iron


Helps control heart rate


Potentially fight against cancer and ageing


Help fight arthritis

Kiwi fruit

Increase bone mass


Help your body develop resistance against infections


Help maintain great skin and vision


Give you energy


Protect your heart


Protect against several kinds of cancer


What are your favourite fruits? Why? What benefit have they had to your health? Tell us below.


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  1. I long for this time of year. As a child and living in the country fruit was abundant, across from our house grape vines wonderful bunches of currents, we grew nectaries, peaches,plums, almonds, oranges, and apricots. Love fruit and cheeseYumo

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  2. To me the only good thing about summer is all the delicious fruit – except for mangoes, which I can’t stand. Can’t wait for the blood plums to come in season, drool.

  3. Love stone fruit. Am allergic to oranges. Hubby went for a year eating pineapple for his arthritis (have you any idea how expensive it is out of season) and didn’t see any improvement.

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