Life Hack: Sharpen your knives with a mug! 16



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If you’ve noticed your knife is tearing instead of cutting, but you don’t have a sharpener, then there is a much easier solution…and it involves a mug and the knife in question!

So if you’ve got both these items, why not give it a go tonight? We tried it and it worked!



1. Grab the knife and mug

2. Slide the knife on a 30 degree angle over the bottom of the mug, on the rough-ish, unglazed porcelain rim

3. Repeat on the other side

4. Test

5. Done!


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  1. I tried that but the bottom of most mugs these days is smooth. So I tried it on the back step – cement. Worked like a charm! But also must admit to taking my favourite carver to the butcher every so often for a professional job.

  2. And for scissors cut them around the neck of a glass bottle. Oldie but a goodie. Makes them sharp and so fuss free.

  3. I give my knives etc. to my husband. He is a qualified Saw Doctor”. After he sharpens them properly I leave the chopping to him. I value my fingers too much to use the knives.

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